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Welcome to Nursery where learning is fun

We Offer:

"Provision for  2 year olds"

"15 hours free provision for 3 year olds"

"30 hours free provision for 3 year olds"

More information can be found on the Admission tab on Parents panel  

'Tots Group'  

All Welcome

Tuesdays 9.00-11.15

Please call into school to find out more!

Foundation Stage Staff

As we work together as a foundation Stage your child may work with the following members of staff.


EYFS Staff

EYFS Lead/ Nursery Teacher   Mrs Molden

Reception Teacher                Miss Gregory

Teaching Assistants               Mrs Birks,

                                        Mrs Mchugh

                                        Miss Dutton


Things to Remember

Goody Bear might come to stay with you for the week end.  If he comes to your house please encourage your child to look after him and add to his diary.

PE Kits can be kept in school.  PE will be on a Thursday.

Book Bags are changed on a Friday and can stay at home for the week to enable your child to become familar with the book they have chosen and begin to retell it themselves.

Our Outdoor Learning environment is used every day in all weather.  Please send your child with a warm coat and appropriate  footwear.

We Love Reading

In Nursery we are learning to.........

  • Understand what we are reading together
  • Talk about books- using pictures to help us
  • Talk about the main characters
  • Hold the book correctly and turn the pages 1 at a time
  • Find the front of the book and the title
  • Know that the text is read from left to right
  • Choose our own books and explain why
  • Enjoy a variety of fiction and non-fiction
  • Say what we like or don't like in books or stories

You can help at home by :

  • Sharing lots of books 
  • Enjoy spending special time together, reading a bedtime story every night
  • Talking about the story and how we can use the pictures to help us to tell the story
  • Taking your child to the library to share a book
  • Show your child how you read for different reasons every day
  • Look at print in the environment, names of shops, cafes, labels on food
  • Share the reading book from Nursery and bring it back to be changed weekly
  • Remember you can log onto bug club where you will find lots of books to share



Stay and Play

Each term we have a stay and play morning where parents/carers are invited to spend the morning in Nursery.  This is an ideal opportunity for your child to show you all their hard work and you can share the good fun.  Thank you to everyone who came to our Autumn Stay and play.

Mums and Tots

Every Tuesday 9-11.15 we have our 'Tots session.' 

All free and all welcome. 

We provide quality learning experiences for the children and refreshments. 

  Come along and have a chat.

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