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Year 1's class page

We are  a class of 15 hardworking children, who love to learn. Here you will find lots of  pictures and videos  celebrating all of our hard work. The page will also have important  notices  and  any upcoming events.  P.E will be on Monday and Friday so please make sure that your child has their P.E kit in school at all times. Homework will be sent home on  a Friday and should be returned to school completed by Wednesday.  Please continue to read with your child at least twice a week.  

The Naughty Bus

We have been learning all about the story The Naughty Bus. We love acting out the story in our role play bus station. We have sequenced the story and have  been recreating scenes in the construction area. Please keep checking our page to see some wonderful work.




We have been learning all about the BFG. We went to the cinema to watch the film and have also been reading the book. As a class we decided to change our role play into a potions lab so that we could make dream and also catch the bad dreams. We have loved making lots of different potions. When we came back to school after half term, there was a news announcement stating that the BFG is missing and was last spotted in Warrington. We then found some mysterious objects in the school hall. We worked together to describe the objects.  We will be working towards writing a character description of the BFG.

Do Not Enter The Monster Zoo


In maths we are focusing on counting forwards and backwards from a given number. We have also been learning  about reading digits and words up to 10. Over the next couple of weeks we will be learning to count to 100, count in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

An overview of the year...

Please click on the icon below to get an overview of the curriculum your child will be accessing in school throughout the year. We would be grateful if you could support your child's learning by discussing the topics at home, visiting the library to share books and completing any homework that is set throughout the year.

Local Area

We have been learning all about the local area of Warrington. We have talked about the things we like and dislike in Warrington.  In the construction area we have been making our own maps of Warrington. Over the term we will be making messy maps of our classroom, going on a local area walk and much more. 


Year 1 celebrate Road Dahl's 100th birthday

To celebrate, we have been reading the story of Georges Marvellous Medicine.  We came into school and we had been set a challenge. George had asked us to help him make some more medicine for his Grandmother. The challenge was that we had to use two ingredients that equaled ten.  We then used the Numicon to help find two numbers that equal 10. After that we went outside in the mud kitchen and helped to make the most disgusting medicine. We then enjoyed writing our potions up, so that George can use them for his new medicine. 


 In science we have been learning all about the body. We enjoyed drawing around each other and labeling the different body parts. We also pretended that we had new body parts. Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at similarities and differences in humans and also completing lots of different senses tests. Dr Lowry came into school and helped us to learn about the different equipment that doctors use to make sure we are well. 


We have been learning about the body parts in French. We created a french man and we have also been singing ' Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in french. Please watch our video. 

Colour Creations (Art)

Year 1 have been learning about primary and secondary colours this half term. We have been experimenting with colour mixing and discovered that the primary colours can be mixed to make secondary colours. Year 1 have also been learning about famous artists that paint in only primary colours, such as Piet Mondrain with his compositions in red, yellow and blue. We were inspired by this work and have since created our own art work using only primary colours. Enjoy looking at the pictures below of the year 1 artists in action:


In RE we have been looking at the topic ‘ God’s Wonderful World’. We used the small world  to retell the creation story. We also went on to create a class collage of the creation story. Also we have been acting out the story of Adam and Eve with our groups. We used a P4C approach to discuss what we thought about Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. During Spring term, we have been learning all about families and celebrations. We used role play to act out a conversation between Mary, Joseph and Jesus. We also had a special visit from Bishop Mark. We made our own Mitres and pectoral crosses. 

Toys from the past

Year 1 have been learning all about ‘ Toys from the past’. We know that toys in the past were made out of wood and metal. We went to Warrington Museum to look at a range of different toys from the past. We got to make our own pop up puppet toy.  We have been so interested learning about toys, that we wanted to turn our role play into a toy shop.  We have had lots of fun  pretending to be the shop keeper and buying and selling old and new toys. 

Moving Pictures (DT)

Year 1 have been working hard this half term to plan, design and make their own moving pictures. Firstly, they generated ideas and explored different types of familiar moving pictures. They then used this information to plan, with help, their own moving picture design, describing in simple words and pictures what they wanted to do. From here Year 1 used appropriate tools and materials to make a moving picture that had a slider and wheel mechanism. Afterwards the children enjoyed sharing their moving pictures with their peers, and they could talk about their own and other peoples work.


Self-Portraits (Art)

This half term we have been learning about self-portraits in our Art lessons. We understand that a self-portrait is a picture you draw/make of yourself. We developed and shared our ideas by making a play-dough face, using different shapes to create a shape face, going on a drawing app on the ipads, cutting/sticking pictures to make a face collage and then studying the features of our own face in the mirror so we could accurately draw the other half of our face on a photograph. We also learned about the famous artist Picasso, who liked to paint with bright colours and shapes. Using our imagination we were able to produce a self portrait in the style of Picasso. All of these activities enabled us to develop a wide range of art techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. We are very proud of our work!

Fruit & Veg (DT)

This half term our DT topic has been fruit & veg. At the start of our topic we discussed all the different fruits and vegetables we know, then we took a class vote of our favourites. Using this information we created a pictogram of the results. Next, Mrs Rees taught us how to safely cut some different fruit and vegetables. We discussed the texture, smell and taste of the different foods in the process. Finally, we planned, made and evaluated our own fruit salad. This was lots of fun as we got to try lots of fruit & vegetables and be creative at the same time!