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An overview of the year...

Welcome back to school, from Miss Gregory, Mrs Howard and Mrs Rees (PPA teacher). We are a class of 24 hardworking children, who love to learn. Here you will find lots of pictures and videos celebrating all of our hard work. The page will also have important  notices  and  any upcoming events.  P.E will be on Wednesday and Friday so please make sure that your child has their P.E kit in school at all times. Homework will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned to school completed by Wednesday.  Please continue to read with your child at least twice a week.  

Art - Colour Creations

Year 1 have been learning about primary and secondary colours this half term. We have been experimenting with colour mixing and discovered that the primary colours can be mixed to make secondary colours. Year 1 have also been learning about famous artists that paint in only primary colours, such as Piet Mondrain with his compositions in red, yellow and blue. We were inspired by this work and have since created our own art work using only primary colours. Enjoy looking at the pictures below of year 1 artists in action:


We have been learning all about the story ‘Supertato’ .  We have been predicting our own endings and using the small world characters to make up our own stories. Once we read the story, we loved it so much that we wanted to make our own Supertato’s.  We will be starting to do some amazing writing about our own Supertatos. Click on the powerpoint below to see some of our amazing work .



We have been learning lots of different stories from the Bible about how God created such a beautiful word for us to live in.  We have been retelling these stories using art, drama and small world resources. We made some posters in the making area to show how people can care for God’s world.


We have been learning all about the place value of numbers. We have been ordering numbers and counting forwards and backwards, filling in the missing numbers. We have been working on one more and one less. We have been using lots of different resources such as; number lines, Numicon, 100 squares, counters and part, part whole model. This is helping us to become independent learners and soon we will be able to chose the resource that we think helps us learn best.  Last week we started using the Part, Part Whole model to help us with number stories. We will be looking at addition and subtraction in the next half term. 



We have been working on basic ball skills this half term including, bouncing and catching. We have really enjoyed our PE lessons and are much more confident bouncing and catching a ball with control. We have also learnt all about the effects of exercise and how it makes your heart beat faster.  We know that exercising is important to keep you fit and healthy.

The Local Area

We are developing our map skills by looking at maps of the local area. We started looking at our own classroom and we worked together to develop a messy map using keys to represent the different things in our classroom. We then went on a walk around the local area, spotting the key things in the local area.  We then made our own large maps of the local area. We worked together to present our map to the rest of the class.

Science - Animals

Year 1 have been learning all about animals . Before we started our topic,  we had the amazing opportunity to visit Chester Zoo and  learn some interesting facts about animals. We then wanted to use our knowledge and created our own zoo. We have been identifying and classifying a range of animals.


We have been learning all about the Presentation In the Temple. We have been retelling the story  using puppets. We thought about the special message in the story and created candle holders to show that Jesus is the light of the world .

DT - Papier Mache

Year 1 have studied the papier mache work of artist Martina Reis this half term. They worked collaboratively to interpret the theme ‘If pictures could speak’ and decided to create four pieces to each represent one of the seasons. Year 1 used newspaper and coloured tissue paper to create a facial representation of each season, they finished each piece off by adding leaf details in appropriate seasonal colours. If these pictures could speak what do you think they would say?

Moving Pictures (DT)

Year 1 have been working hard this half term to plan, design and make their own moving pictures. Firstly, they generated ideas and explored different types of familiar moving pictures. They then used this information to plan, with help, their own moving picture design, describing in simple words and pictures what they wanted to do. From here Year 1 used appropriate tools and materials to make a moving picture that had a slider and wheel mechanism. Afterwards the children enjoyed sharing their moving pictures with their peers, and they could talk about their own and other peoples work.

The Easter story

We have been learning all about The Easter Story. We started the week by doing a Palm  Sunday play and telling everyone the good news that Jesus had arrived.  We then used a range of creative ways to retell the story.  We also reflected on the stations of the cross.

All around the world

Year 1 have ben learning about the seven different continents. We used play dough to create our own maps and we then used the globe to locate different countires within the continents. We wanted to know what the weather was like in different countries so we used the Ipads to research the weather. 

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