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Welcome to Year 2's class page!

We are a class of 15 enthusiastic learners, lead by our teachers: Mrs O'Kane and Mrs Wilson and supported by Mrs Levy and Mrs Darlington. 

A warm welcome to our class page, where we would like to share our learning with you. On our page you will find pictures, examples of work as well as important notices/dates for your diary. Included at the bottom of the page is an overview of what topics are covered term by term.   

We hope you enjoy being a part of our learning journey!

Marvellous Maths!

We have been paritioning 2 digit numbers and using partitioning to add.

Exciting Investigations!

We have started our Electricity topic with an interesting investigation. Mrs O'Kane gave us wires, bulbs, batteries and pictures of 3 different circuits. We had to work out which circuit would light the bulb up. We found out that the circuit must be complete with no breaks.

Year 2 Macmillan Coffee Morning

On Friday, Year 2 hosted the Macmillan Coffee Morning. We had an amazing turn out and an unprecedented amount of home baked goods to sell. We would like to thank everybody who donated cakes and prizes, helped out on the day or turned up to support us. The current toal raised stands at £341!! You are all amazing, thank you so much!

Religious Education

This week we have been thinking about the special gifts God has chosen for us and how we can use them.


Super Science!

In Science we have been identifying our 5 senses and labelling the main parts of the human body, using picollage! 

An overview of the year....

Please click on the icon below to get an overview of the curriculm being provided for your child this year.  We are very busy in Year 2 and would love it if you would support us by discussing topics covered in school at home or by visiting the library so we are able to further enhance our knowledge through sharing books.

We are practising counting in 2, 3, 5, and 10s and we are getting really good! These songs have helped to make it fun! Why not try singing them at home?yes

Counting By Fives Song Video.mp4Counting By Threes Song Video.mp4Skip Counting By 2 Song Video - Beginner (1).mp4Counting By Tens Song Video.mp4

Earth Art

We have been using natural materials to create textured pictures through collage. Can you work out what animals we have made?

European Languages Day

Our classroom was transformed into a French Cafe. We tried lots of traditional French food. Our favourite was Brie! We also learned some French phrases, including how to say our colours in French. We’ve had a lovely day!


Awesome Art!

This term, we have been inspired by the artist-Romero Britto. We created self portraits with bold, bright colours using oil pastels. The background of our portraits reflect our individuality and the things we love. Here are a few photos, but there will be more to follow!

Year 2 Trip to Chester Zoo

This week we went on a trip to Chester Zoo. We saw a range of different animals. We particularly looked out for animals that linked with our Africa topic. We were blessed with dry weather for the whole day and, although we walked until our legs almost fell off, we had a fantastic time! 

Sensational sewing!

We began our Puppets topic ny investigating different types of puppets. This week, we have been practcing our sewing skills. We threaded a needle and joined 2 pieces of fabric using a running stitch and an over stitch.

Jesus Feeds the 5000

In RE we listened to the Bible story Jesus Feeds the 5000. We acted the story out, created feelings graphs to show how the disciples' feelings changed throughout the story, then used instruments to create a piece of music that reflected these changes. 

RE: The Church is Born

This term we are reflecting on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how it brought remembrance, understanding and courage to the Apostles.  We learn about the friends of Jesus coming together to pray and talk about Jesus.  We consisder how they tried very hard to live as Jesus taught and how the Holy Spirit helped them to do this.  We will remember how we are a part of God's family and think about how the members of our church pray, share and help others today just as the first Christians did.

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