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Welcome to Year Three!

We are a class of 28 children who love coming to school to see our friends and take part in fun lessons. We aim to work hard and try our best in every single lesson to achieve all of our targets.

We hope that you find our class page informative and enjoy seeing all of the exciting things we have been learning about in school.

We are taught by Mrs Scotson, with the help of Mrs Guiney, Mrs Rees, Mrs Birks and Mrs Howard throughout the week! 


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English and Maths

English - ‘Billionaire Boy’ by David Walliams

We will be sharing this hilarious book as a class and using it to explore a range of writing opportunities, focussing on the writer’s voice and the themes of aspiration, good choices and disguise. We will also continue to work on grammar and punctuation skills taught last term.


We will investigate unit and non-unit fractions of amounts, learn to count in tenths and compare and order fractions. We will recap how to tell the time to the nearest quarter of an hour, and move on to learning to tell time to the nearest minute. Finally we will begin to solve problems involving time.


RE - ‘Being a Christian’

We will describe Christian attributes and behaviour, making links between what people believe and the actions they choose to take. We will go on to discover what the Bible teaches us about our faith, and what we can learn from other ‘famous’ Christians. We will retell stories that Jesus told and give reasons why he chose to share them with us. We will also learn about the conversion of Saul to Paul; debating whether he is a convert or a traitor! Additionally we will reflect on how we can use our gifts to help others, to show that we can live out our Mission Statement and follow in Jesus’ footsteps on our journey of life and along our faith journey receiving the Sacraments. Finally we will explore prayer and how we can truly open our hearts to Jesus.

Non-Core Curriculum

The Wider Curriculum

We will be introduced to the Early Civilisations of Indus Valley, Ancient Egypt, Shang Dynasty and Ancient Sumer.

We will then study Ancient Egypt in greater depth, developing an understanding of chronology, main events and changes within the civilisations. Furthermore, we will look at the reasons why people acted in a certain way due to their beliefs or lifestyles at the time.

In Art we will complete an artist study on L. S. Lowry. We will learn how to draw and paint in his style, as well as experimenting with different techniques of applying paint!

What are we up to?

Here you can find our timetable and Long Term Plans so that you can see what we get up to each week, and what we are working to achieve by the end of Year 3!

FRENCH - Autum

Autumn A topics - Getting to know you, numbers and colours.

Autumn B topics - Colour hunt, instructions days of the week and Christmas.

Science Day March 2018

For science day, we conducted an experiement to invesigate if there would be a chemical reaction when we mixed baking soda and vinegar together, and what this reaction would result in. To make it even more interesting, we conducted this experiement in the core of an apple - we then poured the baking soda and vinegar inside and waited for a reaction. Instantly, a chemical reaction took place. The materials reacted causing fizzy and foam, leaving the apple overflowing like a volcano. The chemical reaction resulted in bubbles of gas being produced. See how we got on below:

French - Spring term

Spring A - Celebrations & animals.

Spring B - Carnival colours, games & Easter celebrations.

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