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Welcome to Year Three!

We are a class of 30 children who love coming to school to see our friends and take part in fun lessons. We aim to work hard and try our best in every single lesson to achieve all of our targets.

We hope that you find our class page informative and enjoy seeing all of the exciting things we have been learning about in school.

We are taught by Mrs Scotson, with the help of Mrs Guiney, Mrs Rees, Mrs Birks and Mrs Howard throughout the week! 



English and Maths


We are taking inspiration from ‘Trolls’ for our writing this term. We will write instructions to the Bergens for how to be happy, then we will character and setting descriptions of our favourite Troll and where they live. Our focus will be on our personal writing targets throughout all of our writing.


In maths we will be consolidating our understanding of the properties of numbers to 1000 using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. We will also investigate 3D shapes and identify their properties using more technical vocabulary. Additionally, we will explore how to measure mass accurately.


‘Our Christian Family’

We will begin this topic by talking about our own families and then linking this to our Christian family. By the end of this topic we will be able to describe what it means to be a Christian, and talk about how we join this family when we are Baptised. We will be able to describe this special service and the significance of eveything that happens within it.

Non-Core Curriculum

From the Stone Age to the Iron Age


We will research and find out all about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. What were homes like? What did people eat? How did they communicate? What did they wear? What tools did they use? All these questions will be answered throughout our research project. We will also use writing and role play to show what we have discovered and to develop our skills. 

Art and Design Technology

In DT we will create a model stone/iron age village and jewellery, and in Art we will create cave paintings.


In French we will learn simple greetings and instructions as well as colours and numbers.


We will be learning about ‘Keeping Fit and Healthy’. Throughout this topic we will learn about the human digestive system and how it works, as well as what we can do to keep our bodies fit and healthy with a balanced diet, including all the nutrition that we need.


In PE this term our outdoor lessons will be taught on Monday afternoons by a PE expert! He will teach us a range of skills through active games that we can apply to different sports. Indoor PE will be taught on Thursdays and we will focus on balancing skills and stretching challenges to work our muscles in different ways.

What are we up to?

Here you can find our timetable and Long Term Plans so that you can see what we get up to each week, and what we are working to achieve by the end of Year 3!