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Welcome to Year Four's Class Page

English and Maths


This term we will be studying Greek myths and legends. Our knowledge from our history and geography topic will help us too. We will be studying characters including the Minotaur, the Chimera and Pandora. Very exciting tales which will inspire us to write our own versions. 


In maths the children will become secure in their fluency this term. They will do this through a study of number: place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

By the end of year 4 the children are expected to know all of their times tables up to 12 x 12. We will dedicate some time to this, but practise at home is very important. yes


‘The Bible'

 We will be learning that the Bible is an account of God's relationship with His people. That the Bible teaches us about some of the people that God called such as Abraham and Moses and what lessons we can learn from their experiences.


Non-Core Curriculum


History/Geography- This term we will be studying Ancient Greece. This will link to our geography target of locating major rivers and mountain ranges in the UK and Europe as we study modern day Grece, make comparisons with the UK and use it to inform our studies of Ancient Greece.

Art/DT- Designing and making- Clay pots in the style of the Ancient Greeks

Music- The children will learn a range of skills in their keyboard lesson.

French – Developing knowledge of the French language by applying language learned to new scenarios. Asking and answering questions.

PE- The children will be focusing on a range of skills through lessons in cricket and gymnastics.smiley

Creating Ancient Greek Pots

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