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English and Maths

This term we are completing a unit of work on the short fantasy film the ‘Dreamgiver’.
We will be writing setting and character descriptions, as well as writing our own fantast stories.
For a Non-Fiction focus, we will be writing a Newspaper report and a non-chronological report. We will all be working towards our own individual writing targets.
In maths the children will be developing their knowledge of: Multiplication and division. They will extend their knowledge of multiplying numbers by using the formal written method when multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit number.
We will also by looking at measurement, focusing on Area.

Non-Core Curriculum

History- This term the children will study the Roman Empores impact on Britain.
Geography - We will be learning all about the UK, using maps, atlases and Computers to name and locate counties and cities.
Art/DT- The children will create their own Roman shields.
French – Developing knowledge of the French language by applying language learned to new scenarios. Asking and answering questions.
PE indoor – Cardio co-ordination, the children will practice a range of skills to develop their personal co-ordination.
PE outdoor – The children will play a range of traditional games, (hockey, football, netball...)
Music- The children have just begun their keyboards lessons with Fran, they are eager to learn more.

ART - Seurat

This half term Year 4 focused on the artist George Seurat. Seurat took a scientific notion to painting and believed that a painter could use colour to create harmony. He became famous for his pictures made up for a series of little coloured dots, a technique that relies on the ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to blend the colour spots into a fuller range of tones.

DT - Mosaics (Ancient Greece)

Year 4 have continued their Ancient Greece topic in their Art & DT lessons this half term, focusing specifically on mosaics. We began the topic by exploring ideas and collecting visual and other information, annotating examples of mosaics and studying their features. Then we looked into visual and tactiles qualities of materials, especially foam, paper and felt. Following this we designed our own mosaic and independently made it. To complete the topic we self and peer evaluated our creations, and we would like to share them with you in the photographs below:

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