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Welcome to Year Four's Class Page


English and Maths


We will begin the term by watching our real duck eggs hatch! We will find out a range of interesting facts about ducks and gather them together to form a non-chronological report. Then we will plan and write an explanation of the life cycle of a duck.


In maths the children will continue to develop their arithmetic skills with a daily 10 minute input during Maths lessons.

During our main part of the lesson, we will be looking at Geometry. This will include looking at angles, triangles, quadrilaterals and symmetry. After looking at this, we will then move onto Position and Directions. This will include, learning how to plot coordinates on a grid.



‘The Church’

During RE this term, year 4 will be looking at what the Church is. We will be discussing how we belong to the Church and that the Church is our family as well as having our own special family. After this, the class will learn about the Liturgical calendar then we will then move onto the Sacraments for life.  Finally, we will be talking about The Mission of the Church, focusing on Mary, Mother of the Church.


Non-Core Curriculum


History/Geography- This term we will be studying the UK and its counties. We will also be comparing a region of the UK to a region in Poland: Warrington and Krakow.

Art/DT- Designing and making- food technology.

Music- The children will learn a range of skills in their keyboard lesson.

French – Developing knowledge of the French language by applying language learned to new scenarios. Asking and answering questions.

PE- The children will be focusing on a range of athletic events leading up to Sports Day. Y4 will be participating in rugby lessons led by rugby teachers, building up to a competition later in the term against other Warrington schools.


Useful Websites

ART - Seurat

This half term Year 4 focused on the artist George Seurat. Seurat took a scientific notion to painting and believed that a painter could use colour to create harmony. He became famous for his pictures made up for a series of little coloured dots, a technique that relies on the ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to blend the colour spots into a fuller range of tones.

DT - Mosaics (Ancient Greece)

Year 4 have continued their Ancient Greece topic in their Art & DT lessons this half term, focusing specifically on mosaics. We began the topic by exploring ideas and collecting visual and other information, annotating examples of mosaics and studying their features. Then we looked into visual and tactiles qualities of materials, especially foam, paper and felt. Following this we designed our own mosaic and independently made it. To complete the topic we self and peer evaluated our creations, and we would like to share them with you in the photographs below:

Roman Shields (DT)

This half term Year 4 have been learning about Roman shields in DT. They started by researching shield shapes, designs and patterns - they then used these ideas to influence their own shield composition. Firstly planning their own design, Year 4 then turned their ideas into reality using marks and lines to show texture in their work and manipulating a range of resources (including card, tin-foil and paint) to create their final product. Finally Year 4 each evaluated their finished product for both it's purpose and appearance.

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