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Mr Bentley, Mrs Rees & Mrs Lowndes

We are a hard working class of 24 children who use our learning powers on a daily basis to make as much progress as possible.  Our class teacher is Mr Bentley and we are also supported by Mrs Lowndes who works with us on a Monday afternoon and all day on a Tuesday. We are ready for the challenges of the year ahead and embrace it with a keen willingness to learn as much as we can! #stickatitivity

Year 5 LTP outlines what we will cover this year in each subject

  • What homework do Y5 complete?

    Homework will test the key skills of reading, SPaG and maths fluency.  The children will be given homework every Friday and it is to be returned by the following Friday. Each week the children will be expected to complete:

    • a spelling task
    • home reading book (x3 by an adult)
    • a maths fluency activity
    • SPaG sheet
  • What days are PE in Y5?

    PE takes place on a Monday and a Friday.  It is best if the children bring in their PE kit and leave it in school.  They can take it home periodically for a clean - once a half term is sufficient (or more often if you wish).

  • What can I do to help?

    Support you children with their homework and listen to them read as often as possible.  FYI all children have access to the school website, which is free for them to use and is packed full of games and activities for them to work through (all educational!).  It is only accessed via an individual login so is secure.  They also have access to the school Bug Club (via the website ActiveLearn) which is a library of ebooks for them to read and complete related questions.  This will supplement everything they learn in school and can be accessed on any platform (smartphone, tablet and PC). Finally, ,they all have access to Times Table Rockstars (TTRS) which is an online platform aimed at improving their spped and accuracy in recall of their times table facts (and related division).  Hours of fun! cheeky

  • What useful websites can I access at home to help my child develop their PS&R in maths?

    This was a question asked during parents' evening so though this would be useful for all.  The following websites are ones that I think are easily accessible and understandable when working at home.  They will explain and exemplify fluency and will also give examples of how this relates to PS&R questions too.

    Eother Google the website you would like to visit or click on the links to take you there direct.

Cher Zoo


For European Languages Day this year, Year 5 translated the classic picture boook by Rod Campbell 'Dear Zoo' into French, 'Cher Zoo'.  The children used Google translate, along with their own knowledge, to translate a page with their partner.  They then used an app called Book Creator to turn each page into an eBook using iPads.  The resulting videos showcase their finished products.  Ask them what they were also able to do to when the book was 'read' back to them?!

Dominik and Riley .movDylan & Ashton.movGabriel and AJ.movIgor and Tyler.movIsabela & Harvey.movJosh and Reece .movKarolin M & Thomas.movLore and Magda.movTatiana.mov

RE - Creation

This half term Year 5's RE topic is Creation. We have been learning to ask, engage and respond to questions about creation, as well as engaging and responding to the story of The Fall. We have shown understanding that God calls us to care for creation and have identified and explained what our responsibilities are – we are stewards of creation. We are able to demonstrate how our Christian values help us to be co-creators in God’s wonderful world and we can identify and explain who some of God’s great helpers are and reflect on what we can learn from them.

RE - God's Covenants

This half term Year 5's RE topic is God’s Covenants. We have been learning the meaning of a covenant and reflecting on God’s covenants with Noah, Abraham and Moses, as well as showing understanding of the trust they had. We understand that God guides and challenges His people; also that God’s covenants are also with us.

Science - Animals including humans

As part of our Animals including humans science topic, we have been identifying and naming the main organs in the human body, including the heart, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys & stomach. Using secondary sources of information, we then researched these human organs so we could learn more about them and describe their functions. We found lots of fascinating facts which we then shared with our peers. To do this the skills we used were: following a line of enquiry, using scientific diagrams & vocabulary and reporting findings (including explanations) in oral form.

GarageBand Tracks

This term Y5 have been learning how to create a song using GaraeBand on the iPad.  This involves working with prerecorded loops and using smart instruments from within the app.  The children also experimented with voice patterns.  They thoroughly enjoyed layering up their sound and mixing their finished tracks.  Please click on each track to have a listen yes

Adrian.m4aAJ DJ.m4aAshton.m4aCharlie.m4aDominic the Boss.m4aDylan.m4aGabriel.m4aIgor.m4aIsabela.m4aJosh.m4aKarolina A.m4aMagda.m4aReece Pro.m4aRiley.m4aTatiana.m4aThomas.m4a

Above are the #3 takes of the Thriller Dance Routine that Y5 have been working on over the past few weeks.  We wanted to record our work to evaluate the performance and decided that we needed to improve each time - always aiming for perfection!  Watch them in order to see if you agree with us that the standard improves with each recording smiley

The Water Cycle

The children could not believe that this process has been continually occuring for billions of years - an incredible concept!  However, they worked in small groups to research the meaning of their given word; create a drama to explain it and then put this into words on the presentation.

Below is a drama of the water cycle as performed by the children.

The Water Cycle - Childrens Drama.wmv
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