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Year 5 Class Page - Mr Bentley

Welcome to the Year 5 class page - your window into the learning that takes place every day here at St Augustine's.  On this page you will find our long term plan for the year; our current curriculum letter for this half term; a list of non-negotiables for all core subject areas; a class blog and a selection of some of the amazing work we complete.  Please check back regularly to keep in touch with what's going on.

Mr Bentley

  • What days is PE on in Y5?

    We do indoor PE on a Wednesday afternoon and outdoor PE with Y6 on a Friday afternoon.

  • What homework do Y5 complete?

    Homework will test the key skills of reading, writing and maths.  The children have a homework book that they will complete all of their homework in.  It is given out weekly on a Monday and should be returned to school by Friday. 

  • Do the children still read at home in Y5?

    Yes - all children have been given a book and should be listened to reading it at least twice a week.  When they complete their books they should complete a 'comprehension cube' before changing it.  They should aim to change their books around every 2-3 weeks.

  • Do Y5 children get a water bottle from school?

    No - but they are encouraged to bring their own in from home.  They should fill them up with water in our classroom at the beginning of the day and can refill them during any breaktime.

  • What can I do to help?

    Please make sure that you have written your child's name inside each item of uniform - they are all very similar and can get mixed up from time to time.  Names make life a lot easier!  All children should also be wearing jumpers and polo shirts with the school logo on.

Cher Zoo

Cher Zoo Cover

Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd have been European Languages Day in school.  Year 5 have been using 'Book Creator' (an iPad app) to translate the popular children's book 'Dear Zoo' into French.  This is 'Cher Zoo'.  The children had to use the internet to find and save images of their chosen animals; use Google translate to figure out the words of the book in French and use iPads to put it all together!  Their finished books are available to view below - click on the link to open it as a pdf.  Happy reading!


For help with pronunciation, follow this link...


Science - Properties of Materials

During science this half term, we have been using our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sieving and evaporation. In addition, we have been giving reasons, based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, for the particular uses of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic. Below you can see some of our science investigations in action:


Dream Jars

This week Year 5 have created their very own dreams just as the BFG does in the book by Roald Dahl.  They have written and edited their text; typed it up on to a PowerPoint slide; drawn their dream jar; drawn each part of their dreams, photographed and cropped them and finally animated each dream part to produce the result you see below!  Phew!  Have a look and enjoy what has taken a lot of effort to create.

BFG Dream Jars.wmv

Fleshlumpeater's Midnight Feast

Below is an example of a movie the children have put together, in pairs, as part of a recent maths lesson.  They used iMovie on the iPads.  It documents the distance travelled by the leader of the 'Giants' from the BFG during one of his nightly feeding sessions.  In the movie the children have calculated the distance travelled by the giant and then kept a running total using the formal written method.  Each of the children in Y5 have created their own movie and this is an exmaple completed by Qliwia and Shea.

Olivia and Shea.mov

Y5 Class Displays

Useful Websites for Parents

During Parents' Evening a number of mums and dads asked if there are any useful websites they can use to support them in helping complete some homework tasks. Below are links to a few useful sites that should come in handy.  If you come across anymore then please let me know and I will update this section.

bbc.co.uk/education/levels/zbr9wmn - The BBC KS2 website.  An awesome resource full of helpful videos, explanations and further links.

primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/- This is a link to another primary school website that already has a wealth of information regarding several curriculum topics.

primaryresources.co.uk/ - This is a website where teachers share content on a given topic.  It may come in useful although it is more accessible for adults to use rather than children.

NB: If children use their log in details for our own school wesite resources area they will also find a lot of games, activities and support on a range of school topics too.



Science - Light

As part of our light science topic, we recognised that light travels in straight lines and understand that objects are seen because they either give out light or reflect light into the eye. We used the idea that light travels in straight lines to conduct a shadow investigation, our line of enquiry was based on the question 'how can you make a shadow bigger or smaller?' In addition to answering this question we also discovered that shadows have the same shape as the object that cast them. You can learn more about our investigation below:

Collages - Damien Hirst

Our Art topic this term is about studying a UK artist in depth.  We are investigating the art works of Damien Hirst.  One of his pieces is called 'Collages' and it is an artwork he describes as '...somewhere in between art and scupture.'  When he made his collages he used objects he discovered in the adandonded house next door to the bedsit he was living in when he was younger.  Mr. Barnes, its recently evicted occupant, was a hoarder who’d amassed “sixty years of existence in one room” – in what Hirst describes as the “absolute ultimate [art work] that no one saw”.  On the importance of Mr. Barnes to his work during this period, Hirst has commented: “In the collages, I became Mr. Barnes, taking his stuff then collecting my own stuff.”  The chilrdren have made their own collages by collecting objects from their own lives and putting them together.

Judaism Week - Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

Look at the information carefully and see if you can answer the questions put together by your children.  How many can you get correct?

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur WWTBAM.wmv

Science Rocket Making #scienceday