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Year 6 - Mrs O'Hara, Mrs Johnston and Mrs Higham

Welcome to our class page. We are a smaller than average Y6 class- taught by Mrs O'Hara, Mrs Johnston and supported by Mrs Higham. We are developing into thirteen motivated and determined young people who are building upon all the fantastic skills we have already gained throughout our years here at St Augustine's Catholic Primary School.  We are ready for the challenges of Year 6 and look forward to showing what we have been learning on this webpage. 

In Year 6 we aim to develop greater independence in preparation for our transition to secondary school.  We are encouraged to take on extra responsibilities around the school and to model high expectations of behaviour and learning for our younger peers to follow in our footsteps.  With Christ as our guide, we will achieve everything we set out to!

We will update this page regularly to keep you updated on all the fabulous work that we are producing throughout the year. We hope that you find the page informative but please don't hesitate to see one of us if you have any queries about anything.


Well done Year 6!


We would like to congratulate Year 6 on all their hard work leading up to and during SAT's week. We are really proud of the positive and mature way in which the children approached the week, despite some very tricky questions on some of the papers. The children tried their very best and that is all we could ever ask of them. Well done Year 6! 

Keep track on what we are learning about this year...

Our long term plans outline what we will be covering throughout the year. The curriculum letter outlines more about each subject for the term in detail.  

What will we be learning about this half term in RE?

This half term we will be covering the topic 'Called to Serve' 

In this topic we will learn about and discuss our call to be disciples of God and reflect on our response to this invitation. We will also learn about the sacraments and reflect on how we will become closer to God through these. 


God has created me(1)

What will our stimulus for writing be in English?

To begin this half term, we will be using the animation of Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors to write a short narrative. We will look at how the familiar game has been turned into an animation and how Scissors is determined to destruct everything in his path, including Rock and Paper who seem defenceless against his strength. The children will include dialogue- where there isn't any in the animation- to help advance the action in their story. The children will write in first person from the perspective of the character of their choice. Once we have written these, we shall publish them on the website as I'm sure they'll make for an exciting read! 

rps 1rps 2

How are we taking more responsibility this year?

Now that we are in Year 6, we are expected to take on greater roles of responsibility within our own classroom and also around the school. To do this, we applied for the roles that we felt best suited for. We wrote a letter of application stating why we thought we were the best candidate for the job. Mrs O'Hara, Mrs Johnston and Mrs Higham read these carefully and used our letter of application as well as the behaviour that we had demonstrated since entering Year 6 to make their final decisions. We received a letter to inform us whether we had been successful. 

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RE- Exploring the Mass

This half term we will be learning that Jesus is the bread of life and what that means for us. We will think about how Jesus can heal our spirtual needs as well as our physical needs. We will take an in depth look at each part of the Mass and what it means for us. We look forward to adding the thoughtful work that we produce throughout the unit.


Jesus said

"I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never be hungry; he who believes in me will never thirst"

What are we studying in English?

This half term we will be reading.....


Michael and his family move house. His baby sister gets ill and his family are preoccupied with looking after her. Michael decides to explore outside and finds an unused garage. What he finds inside that garage will change his world forever...


We are very excited to introduce this story to the children and have lots of fantastic writing opportunities planned. We look forward to uploading our work once we get going!

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