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Year 6 - Mr Bentley, Mrs Secker & Mrs Higham

We are a class of 19 highly motivated and determined young people who are building upon all the fantastic skills we have already gained throughout our years here at St Augustine's Catholic Primary School.  We are ready for the challenges of Year 6 and look forward to showing what we have been learning on this webpage. 

In Year 6 we aim to develop greater independence in preparation for our transition to secondary school.  We are encouraged to take on extra responsibilities around the school and to model high expectations of behaviour and learning for our younger peers to follow in our footsteps.  With Christ as our guide, we will achieve everything we set out to!

Keep track on what we are learning about this year...

Our long term plan outlines what we will be covering throughout the year. The half termly overview is a good place to keep up to date with what we will be learning about this half term.  

Guess Who??

The children in Year 6 have been creating their own animal collages for their name pegs in school.  The first letter  of each animal spells out their name.  Can you gues who's who?

European Languages Day

For European Languages Day this year, Y6 researched a country of their choosing with a partner.  They came up with a series of true or false questions relating to the language and culture of their country and then created - and hyperlinked them all together!  They are all hosted below so download them all to your desktop and then work from the master slide to challenge your knowledge of each country.