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Creative Arts at St Augustine's


Art specialist Gill Taylor spent a morning working with year 2, based on the theme Rio - Tropical animals and plants. Year 2 followed Gill's instructions and learned how to make a variety of textured, coloured papers using rollers, spreaders and printing techniques to cut and collage tropical animals and plants.

June 2017


Art specialist Gill Taylor spent an afternoon working with year 5, based on a Mayan theme. Year 5 learned how to make a rectangular tile with a relief pattern using Mayan sculptures and patterns as a stimulus. Using card, foam, tissue paper and paint, each member of the class produced a magnificant Mayan tile, each unique.

June 2017

Art Club 2017-2018...

To find out more about what we have been working on in Art Club, visit our club blog on the after school clubs page of our website.

Year 2 Art

We have been using natural materials to create textured collage pictures. Can you work out what animals we have made?

Recorder Club KS2

The children from recorder club have been making excellent progress! In this performance the children are reading music independently, keeping the pulse of the music and playing their instrument beautifully. We hope you enjoy it!


Year 4 Art Workshop

Recently some of our more-able year 4 artists attended a special workshop hosted by St.Benedicts Primary. During the session, our children got to meet and collaborate with other artists their own age, from various schools in Warrington. This workshop gave the children a chance to look at the work of Matisse and be inspired by his piece 'The Snail'. See how they got on...

Christmas Bauble Workshop with the Education Group

This December Mrs Rees and the PTA organised a special treat in the form of a crafty, bauble decorating workshop run by the Education Group. Years 1-6 had a fabulous morning designing and painting their own Christmas bauble that they were able to take home and cherish forever!

Music in Year 2

This term, Year 2 became composers! We used rhythms from a familiar song to compose our own piece of music, then rehearsed and performed it using glockenspiels. Performing in pairs, we had to start and stop at the same time and perform with a good sense of pulse. I think you will agree, they did a fantastic job! 

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