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Welcome to St Augustine's art club blog. Here you will find photographs and updates of all the amazing art work and crafts we have been up to lately. Scroll down to see more...

How to paint a scary lion...

In Art club we created our own scary lion, using paint and coloured card. To start with we used yellow and orange paint to form the lions huge mane. To do this we always began in the middle and then generated outwards brush strokes to form a realistic mane shape. Next, using pale card we drew a lions face shape and added detail with a black marker pen so the facial features would stand out more. After cutting the face out we glued it in the center of the painted mane. Finally, to create the effect that the lion was ready to pounce out from behind a bush, we used green card to cut a jagged grass edge and stuck it in front of the lion. As you can see in these pictures, the combination of skills we used worked brilliantly together...

Foam shape pictures

This week in art club we each created our own foam-shape pictures. Using a large selection of foam shapes in all the colours of the rainbow, we let our imaginations run free. Have a look at some of our interesting, colourful creations in our picture gallery. Did you notice that no two pictures looked the same?


Design a special box ...

Our task was to design a 'special' box. We had to think about who the box would be for and what purpose it would have. For example, the box could be for your Grandma to keep sweeties in, or the box could be for your sister to hide secret messages in.

Then we had to make our design a reality. To start with, we carefully drew the outline of our design on the box and then added detail and colour by using paint or coloured pencils. As you can see the results were fantastic and no two boxes looked the same...


Art on the iPads:

Recently we have been lucky enough to get a new drawing app for our school iPads. This app allows us to draw or paint with different colours and thickness of lines. As you can see we created interesting arty pictures when exploring the tools on this fantastic new app. We all look forward to using it again soon!



Paper plate animals

Did you know that paper plates can be used for all sorts of art activities? Well, in art club today we decided to use our paper plates to create animals. We brainstormed different  ideas ranging from household pets to wild animals. Then we use felt-tip pens, goggly eyes and coloured card to turn our boring, white paper plates into exciting animals. We created dogs, hedgehogs, ladybirds and jellyfish to name just a few!

Design a yo-yo...

Recently in art club, we designed and decorated our own yo-yo's. We carefully thought about the colours, patterns and pictures we wanted to use in our design and then applied this to our wooden yo-yo. What do you think of our cool creations?

Nature collage

This week in art club, we made a collage with a nature theme. To begin with, we picked a picture of either a woodland scene or some flowers. Next we ripped up pieces of coloured paper or tissue paper and stuck them to our pictures to form our nature collage. It was very messy and lots of fun!

Leaf pictures

As Autumn is here, we decided to make the most of all the beautiful fallen leaves on our school playground. Working together, we collected leaves and twigs from the playground and used them to make our own leaf pictures.


This term our whole school is learning all about Roald Dahl's BFG, so in art club we decided to make our own BFG paper plate faces. We used pale coloured paper to collage the face, then we drew on facial features using pastels and made huge ears out of card to stick onto the side. To finish, we used wool to make a few strands of hair. Don't we look funny...

Design a pencil pot

Our task was to design and make a pencil pot that we could use to keep our desks tidy. We each used a variety of colours, patterns and pictures to form our designs and we had lots of fun decorating our pencil pots. Have a look at our final products here >>>


Pasta Pictures

Did you know that pasta isn't just for eating? Recently in art club we used un-cooked pasta to create artistic masterpieces. We used a variety of pasta including spaghetti, tubes and twists. Have a look at what we created...




Freestyle painting

This week Miss provided us with paper, pencils and paint. We were given time to draw and paint any picture we wanted to. It was nice to have time to paint our own ideas. See the different pictures we created here <<<<



Mini Canvas

This week we created our own pictures on a mini canvas. Some of us used felt tips and others used coloured pencils. We enjoyed putting our finished canvas' on an easel and turning the classroom into a little art gallery where we walked around the room and admired each others masterpieces!

Digital art

This week we have enjoyed creating digital pictures using the ipads. Have a look at our colourful creations...



Autumn Art

We have been inspired by the season to encorporate autumn-leaves into our art. What do you think? <<<

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