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Guitar Club

This term the guitar club are learning even more chords than last time - A, E and D!  The children who attend this club will use these chords to learn a range of songs so that they can perform at this years Christmas Fayre in December.

To help you child practise at home I have put this page together to include information to help them play the chords; to provide links to other websites to hear the songs they are learning and anything else relevant to playing the guitar I think may be of benefit to them (or you!).  I hope you find it useful and if you have any feedback or suggestions then please let me know :)

How to tune your guitar and this terms chords!

Below is a video that will help you to tune your guitar to standard tuning.  Get yourself ready and play the video.  Listen to the note that's played then play the same string and turn the tuning head up/down until it sounds the same.  You may need a parent to help you do this until you get the hang of it.  If you do this correctly you will be able to play along to the songs we learn because they use the same chords as we do - all in standard tuning.  Please try and tune your guitar each week - before you come to guitar club on a Tuesday!

Below are the chord boxes for the chords we have learned previously in guitar club (although these will be new if you have just joined the club!) and the new chords for this half term.  The lyrics and chords for the first song we are learning to play with these chords are also shown.  The video at the bottom of the page is Chuck Berry playing this iconic song himself!  If you play the chords at the correct place you will be able to play along with the video while looking at the lyrics and chord changes at the same time.  Happy multi-tasking: the first step on the road to mega stardom!

Our First Track Recording!

As you know your children have been learning songs by the Beatles this term and below is a recording of the track 'Twist & Shout.'  It was recorded using Garageband on an iPad.  First we recorded the audio of te children playing the guitar and then we added the drums and additional sounds in during post production!  There are four guitarists in total - Shea, Jake and Cameron playing the lead notes and Richard playing the chords.  Have a listen and a sing-a-long too - what stars we have in the making after only two terms of learning!!  Well done Guitar Club :)

Guitar Club - Twist & Shout.mp3
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