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Welcome to St Augustine's sewing club blog. Here you will find photographs and updates of all the amazing sewing we have been up to lately. Scroll down to see more...

Hand sewing

At the start of our club this year, we have learned/revised how to thread a needle and also practised different types of hand stitches. The small hole at the top of a sewing needle is called an 'eye' and to thread a needle you have to carefully place the thread through the eye of the needle. Once the needle is threaded and tied at the end, we then experimented with some simple hand stitching, including running stitch and cross stitch. You can see how we got on in the photographs below:

Animal finger puppets

This week we made our own animal themed fingers puppets. We added facial features such as ears and noses, then we sewed around the edges leaving just enough space to fit our finger inside. Katie-Anne & Lucy made a pink-pig each and Chloe made an orange tiger. Look how fantastic their finger puppets are in the pictures below:

Animal teddies

Our latest sewing project has been to make some cute, animal toys. We were provided with a felt animal template, thread, a sewing needle,stuffing and some googly-eyes, using these things we then sewed our animal outlines together leaving just enough of a gap to next insert the stuffing. Once we stuffed our animals we were able to sew up the gap and then complete our projects by adding extra detail using stickers and ribbons. Have a look at the outcome of our efforts in the gallery below:

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