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PE at St Augustines


Year 6 mixed football tournament at Preistly. All children enjoyed showing off their football skills .

PE is a huge part of  our curriculum at St Augustines.  All staff are dedicated to ensuring our children receive the best sport opportunities and PE lessons possible.  We have a sport coach in on Monday  and Tuesday  who provides a range of opportunities for children to develop their skills and offers a range of CPD opportunities for staff. 


Year 6 Play leaders

Year 6 have been working together to create a range of games for KS1. They have been working with KS1 children during break times  to provide quick, fun activities allowing all children to become more active throughout the day.

EYFS celebrate Chinese New Year


EYFS have been learning all about Chinese New Year. After watching videos and learning all about the dragon dance  they decided to create  their own dances, imitating movement and patterns in response of the music . Reception children worked hard to  make their dance and experiment with ways of changing it. 

KS2 Cross Country


KS2 throughly enjoyed cross country improving their running and fitness. A huge well done to Marshall for coming 3rd!



Year 3/4 football

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed the football tournament at Culcheth. We came second in our group!

Bollywood Dancing

We had a fantasic day learning all about Bollywood dancing! We had to listen to the music and create our own dances. 

Year 1's Sponsored Bootcamp

Year one have been raising money for the Good Shepherd Appeal. They decided they would like to do a sponsored bootcamp to raise money. The children had a circuit of 12 different exercises and they had to complete 45 seconds on each exercise. The exercises consisted of a range of skills we have been learning in our PE lessons.  We invited our parents along and taught them how important it is to exercise and be active. The children raised £145 for the Good Shepherd Appeal. 

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