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September 2021 Reception Intake

 You have received an offer for a place at
St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School for your child to start Reception in September 2021.
Congratulations and welcome! We are very excited to meet you and your child.
As we know, it is a very strange time at the minute but we wanted to reassure you and provide you with all the relevant information for when your child starts school in September. Please browse this page at your leisure and more information will follow.
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Each year, we organise events to help you and your family get to know us before the start of the school year in September. Things are a little different this year but don’t worry, we will be in touch with you as soon as we can with some activities and ways we can find out more about each other. Normally our Reception Teacher, Miss Gregory, would visit your child at their nursery.  Unfortunately, due to Government guidance, this will not happen this year. We will still be in contact with the Nurseries and Early Year Providers so that any relevant information regarding your child can be passed on to us.

Meet The Teachers

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Mrs Towey is our Head Teacher and she looks after the school making sure everyone is happy, safe and doing their very best learning whilst having fun. Mrs Towey loves coming down to EYFS to see what we are learning about. She especially likes it when we do baking and make her special treats. Mrs Towey is great at hula-hooping. 


Mrs Molden is a very experienced early years teacher who is based in Nursery and is the Lead Teacher for The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) for EYFS and

Key Stage 1. 


Hello Everyone

I am very much looking forward to meeting you all soon.  We have lots of fun planned and I know the children will love our exciting learning areas.

I particularly enjoy Reading and sharing stories.  If you look on the Nursery class page your child will be able to listen to me sharing one of my many favourite stories. 

In the EYFS we work very much as a unit so you will get to know all the staff really well.  We are all here to care, nurture and educate each individual as they enter and continue their school journey.  

Please remember if you have any questions at all, however big or small we are all happy to help.

See you soon

Mrs Molden



Miss Gregory is an Early Years Teacher and the lead Teacher for Physical Education. Miss Gregory is based in Reception and will be the main Teacher and key worker for your child.

Hello Everyone, I am Miss Gregory and I will be your new teacher in September. I am really looking forward to meeting you all.  In our classroom we are all great learners, friends and investigators. All activities are very exciting in Reception. I know you are going to love school. Below are some pictures of your new classroom and learning environment. Where are you excited to learn?  If you look on the Reception class page there are some videos of me sharing stories and maths activities with my current class. I will be in touch over the next few weeks to find out all the wonderful things about you.

See you soon.

Miss Gregory


Mrs Birks is a Teaching Assistant and works across the EYFS unit working with all children. She enjoys taking her dog out for walks when she is not in work.


Miss Dutton is also a Teaching Assistant who work across our EYFS unit. 

"My name is Miss Dutton.

I really enjoy playing in the Nursery and Reception classes at St Augustine’s.When I’m not at school I help to run a brownie pack, sing in a choir and take part in Little Church.I like to read, go on long walks and holidays as well as see musical shows at the theatre.I share my house with lots of teddy bears and they enjoy sitting on my windowsill. They love to wave to the children who pass by."

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

The  Foundation Stage begins at birth  and continues throughout the Reception Year, preparing them for learning in Key Stage One.There are seven areas of learning which make up the Foundation  Stage  Curriculum. These  consist of three prime areas and four specific areas.

Prime areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Communication and Language (CL)

Physical Development (PD)

Specific areas:

Literacy (L)

Mathematics (M)

Understanding the World (UTW)

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

The EYFS curriculum offers a range of experiences, allowing children to make their own discoveries. It encourages independence, ensures that children are active in their learning through play and first hand experiences. Here at St Augustine’s we have a large outdoor area which is used daily as part of our provision.  Teachers carefully plan provision and exciting learning opportunities for both indoors and outdoors. Both areas mirror each other and allow children to become independent, resilient lifelong learners.

Please look at the photographs below to see what learning looks like in EYFS.

What will the environment look like?

Key Information

uniformpe kit


We provide a range of different nutritious snacks for children throughout the week which includes: yoghurts, cheese and crackers, ham wraps, rice cakes and hummus with milk/water and fruit. Snack will be £1.50 per week. Snack is paid on a Monday morning to the class teacher. 


We use Tapestry to capture all of the learning your child  does in our setting. You will be given your own personal login to access their learning journey and contribute with any learning your child does outside of school.



8.45-9.00- Children arrive at school- fine motor activities

9.00-9.30- Phonics lessons

9.30- 10.30- Learning inside and outside

10.30-10.45- Short Literacy lesson

10.45-11.45- Learning inside and outside

11.55-1.00- Lunch

1.00-1.20- Maths counting

1.20-2.30- Topic work and exploring inside and outside

2.30-3.00 - Disco dough and story

3.00-3.15 -Home time.



How you can help your child get ready for Reception

We aim to nurture your child, but recognise that parents are the main educators of their children and will continue to be a strong influence on a child’s development. Here are a few guide- lines to help prepare your child for starting Reception

- Can your child undress and dress themselves?

Can your child brush their teeth?

- Can your child go to the toilet by themselves and wash their own hands?

-Does your child enjoy sharing stories?

- Does your child enjoy talking about everyday life?

-Does your child use numbers in everyday situations, such as counting          the stairs as you climb them together?

-Can your child join in and sing nursery rhymes?

-Can your child join in and play games such as snap, dominoes and ball  games?

-Can your child follow simple instructions?

-Can your child tidy up their toys?

 Below are some websites and apps that will suport your child's early learning.  Please click on the pictures below to take you to the websites.


We  are looking forward to working with you and creating a happy partnership in your child’s first year at school and beyond. 

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