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Holy Week 2016

Collective Worship

Every child in KS1 and 2 participated in part of our special Collective Worship for Holy Week. KS1 performed a Palm Sunday play where we celebrated Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. However the children showed that even on this happy day, there were people who were jealous of Jesus and who were plotting to have him arrested. 

Year 3 respectfully re-enacted the Last Supper where Jesus washed the feet of his friends to teach them that they should serve others as he did. Year 4 retold the events of Jesus and his Disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, showing us how Jesus was betrayed by his friend and arrested by the soliders. Year 6 then told the story of the 'Three Trees', follwed by Year 5 children who dressed the cross whilst retelling the terrible events of Good Friday.

Stations of the Cross

All chidlren completed the Stations of the Cross. They listened to they story which each station represents and talked about how we should remember what happened to Jesus and how we can allow our beliefs to affect our actions this week and in the future. At each station we said a prayer together and had a moment of silence before we moved on to the next one. The chidlren in KS1 and EYFS did the Stations of the Cross in the hall, using pictures that they had created. The children in KS2 went with Mrs Towey and Mrs Darlington to Church to follow the Stations of the Cross there.

Prayer Trail

All children from Nursery to Year 6 took part in our Lent Prayer Trail. There were 5 prayer stations and each one allowed the chidlren time to reflect on a reading from the Gospel, followed by an opportunity to complete a task which would encourage them to refelct on their own actions and to think about how they could follow in Jesus' footsteps more closely during Lent. For example, at one prayer station the children drew or wrote about something they had done wrong, they folded their paper into a cylinder so that it would remain private, between them and God. Then at the next station, we talked about the power of God's forgiveness and how this can help us to change and move on. To symbolise this, they stuck their cylinder onto a butterfly, after decorating its wings with a promise of how they could prove that they were truly sorry, and ready to make a change!

Holy Week Activities

Our children have also participated in creative RE lessons to deepen their understanding of the events of Holy Week. Have a look at these examples of our fantastic work!

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