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School Council 2018-19

Congratulations to our appointed School Council for the academic year 2018-19

Year 1 - Neriah Lowry & Joshua Lees

Year 2 - Delaksayini Jeevarajah & Angelo 

Year 3 - Terri-Lea Cook & Joen Lowry

Year 4 -Reuben Flethcer & Tiffany Wheat

Year 5 - Karolina Mazur & Thomas Broughton

Year 6 - Eliza Stan & James Whitehead 

Eucharist Art Competition

The children have created a piece of art which demonstrates their understanding of the Eucharist, also linking in our Mission Statement. In the centre are the bread, wine and a cross which Kacper (Y3) wanted to include to represent Jesus’ sacrifice and for us. Nanayaa (Y5) wanted to create a ripple effect to reflect our Mission Statement and Olivia (Y1) had the idea of using finger prints so everyone could join because we are all part of God’s family. Children from every class participated as it was completed by our School Council, and Mini Vinnies created a drawn plan before we began to use the canvas.


What have we been up to?

Since you voted for us we've been really busy! We have created the 'Tree of Respect' in the Hall in order to further improve everyday life at our school. We thought of the 'Golden Rule' which encompasses our Mission Statement, School Rules and British Values! It is 'Treat others as you wish to be treated' so if we see children showing the value of repsect by following the Golden Rule around our school, we will write their name and the reason they were chosen on a leaf and add it to this display. As School Coucnil, we are in charge of this project as it was our idea and we strive to be role models every day!

...Look at how well we have done so far this year! As School Council members we are always on the lookout for children showing the British Value of respect, which also links with our Mission Statement as we put our faith into action. As a whole school we are doing so well that we might even have to extend the branches of our Golden Rule tree! 

Tasty Tuck Award

The School Council are thrilled to announce that we have won the Silver Tasty Tuck Award for all our efforts in making our school healthy! We have achieved this award because we have milk, toast and fruit at snack time, and healthy options for lunch every day, also because the School Council monitor healthy eating at playtimes to make sure all children only bring in healthy snacks from home! This award was presented to us (School Council) after a talk about the importance of being healthy, and we are in charge of presenting the award to the rest of the school in an assembly. We are now working on an action plan to ensure that we can now win the Gold Award...Plan to follow...Wish us luck!

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