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School Council 2019-20

Congratulations to our School Council for the academic year 2019-20!


Year 1 - Finley and Lola 

Year 2 - Riley and Lilly

Year 3 - Ava and Zidane

Year 4 - Lilly-Rose and Joen

Year 5 - Kacper and Hallie

Year 6 -Tatiana and Charlie

These children have been voted for by their peers for being excellent role-models, and in KS2 for answering a range of questions about their hopes and dreams to improve our school throughout the year. Wish us luck!

School Council Meetings- Handwashing

The children in KS2 felt that hand washing and germs was becoming a problem in our school. We came together and discussed the problem. The children felt that the lack of hand washing was causing germs and this was the reason children and teachers were getting sick. We created posters to show the importance of washing our hands, keeping the germs away and inevitably improving our attendance. 


Worry Boxes

After creating questionnaires around PSHE, School Council felt that they would like to create worry boxes for all the classes. Each class will have their own worry box in case the have any worries or are feeling upset and would like to talk to someone. 

Hallie, Year 5

School council met on 3rd February to diccuss about ways to make the school better. We discused about making worry boxes so when people are worried they can put it in the box. We also discused about manners around the school, making the school a nicer place and making people feel happier.

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