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Summer 2020 Challenges and Activity ideas

This page is for those days in the summer holiday where you are looking for something a little different to fill your time. Take a look below at the range of activities, there is somethings for everyone at St Augustines. Enjoy and please share your achievements @StAugustinesCPS.

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge 2020, will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. Children taking part in the challenge will join the Silly Squad, an adventurous team of animals who love to have a laugh, to get stuck in to all different kinds of funny books! First of all, you need an adult to help you to join the Silly Squad and pick your avatar. Then you can discover some awesome books to read. You can also play games to earn extra points towards unlocking your badges throughout the challenge.


Cafod's Summer of Hope

summer-of-hope (2)

Get involved with Cafod's 'Summer of Hope' and find new ways to help others. Children's author, Frank Cottrell-Boyce has teamed  up with Cafod to set you a challenge -

Think about your life during lockdown:  What has given you hope during this challenging time? It might be an object, an activity, a person, a phrase, or an idea. 

Your challenge: in just one word, or one sentence, tell us what has given you hope. (You can use pictures or designs to illustrate your words.) Look at the document below for information about how to submit your message of hope to Cafod.

International Friendship Day 2020

Let's celebrate 'Friendship Day' - perhaps you will make something nice for one of your friends or you will think about ways to make someone smile. By clicking on the images below, you can learn how to make friendship bracelets with CBeebies or Tate...


The 38 Times Table Challenge


Did you know...there are only 38 times tables that you need to learn.

Look at the image below - do you know all 38 of them?


If you know them then you are definitely ready to take on the challenge!

Once you have completed the challenge, you will receive a certificate to show that you are a times table superstar! Mr Bentley will be very proud to see how well you do!


Blue Peter's 6 Badges of Summer 2020

If you are aged 6 or over, you can challenge yourself to earn one of the 6 badges on offer this summer! There's something for everyone - sport, music, fanclub, green, blue and silver. Not only will you become the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge, but you will gain free entry into over 200 attractions in the UK. Click on the link below to find out more information about how to enter.


For our younger children, you can still get involved with the 6 badges of summer and you will be sent special Blue Peter stickers when you take part in challenges. Click on the link below to find out more from the CBeebies website.


Outdoor Challenges

For our younger children - we challenge you to:

For our older children - we challenge you to:

Summer wellbeing - use the pdf document below for the website links

wellbeing 2 (2)wellbeing (2)

RE and Worship

CAFOD – Virtual Children’s liturgies and resources: https://cafod.org.uk/Education/Children-s-liturgy 
"While we cannot gather together in person due to coronavirus, we can still come together as a community through prayer."


Gospel Readings for Kids - MisterD418: https://www.youtube.com/user/misterD418/videos
Youtube channel that goes through every Sunday’s Gospel reading and explains it with child-drawn cartoons and simple child-friendly explanations.


Catholic.org – daily readings: https://www.catholic.org/bible/daily_reading/
Full daily readings – First Reading, Psalm, Gospel

Mini Vinnie's (Youth SVP) Summer Challenges

Seeds of Hope – we are asking students to design a “calm zone” for the community garden in Bradford. The winning design will be incorporated in to the garden itself and an (optional) entry donation of £3 will go towards the garden itself. (Click on the 'seeds of hope' image below to follow a link for more detail).

Summer Reading Challenge – this is an opportunity for children to read 6 books throughout the summer. Our booklet provides activities to do for each book – one related to the book and the other encouraging social action in their local community. Children can use library books, their favourite books, books they haven’t read yet or new titles to complete the challenge.

All information regarding the challenges is available on the Mini Vinnies microsite www.svp.org.uk/mini-vinnies

We would love to see pictures of their entries/reading record and the activities they take part in.

The Wednesday Word Covering the whole Summer Holidays (Document below)

Seeds of Hope  (1)

You can also choose any of the activities below to complete at home. Please Tweet us any work you do!

KS2 'Imagine Saints' Activities

30 Day challenges

Fancy a 30 day challenge? Choose a challenge that sparks an interest in you and have fun! Remember to tweet any photos to the school website, we'd love to see them!

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