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School Council 2021-2022


Year 1 - Jorgie and Dominik

Year 2 - Raine and Olivia

Year 3 - Lola and Lexi

Year 4 - Neriah and Alan

Year 5 - Tatiana and Szymon

Year 6 - Keira, Wojciech and Terri-Lea

These children have been elected by their peers for being excellent role-models, and in KS2 for presenting their hopes and dreams to further improve our school throughout the year.

Student council

School Council 2021-2022 - A very special mission

This year, Mrs Towey has asked school council to lead the way with our LiveSimply ambitions. During their Autumn Term meetings with Mrs Vernon, the children contributed towards a PowerPoint Presentation, highlighting all of the ways that everyone at St Augustine's can contribute to living simply. The children then presented this to the whole school in assembly on Friday 14th January. 

School Council's LiveSimply ideas

Presenting in assembly

School Council presenting in assembly Friday 14th January 22

School Council 2020-2021

This year our school council have been instrumental in setting up hard plastic recycling. Mr Cousin's has ordered a special bin for them to put empty water bottles, milk bottles and packaging into for recycling.

Our Year 6 school council members were also passionate about changing the name of one of the playground zones. Collectively, school council came up with a list of alternative names and the children then asked their year group peers to vote for their favourite name. School council counted up the votes and were pleased to announce that the new name is 'The Sports Area'.

School Council 2020-2021 - A very special mission

Mrs Towey joined School Council at one of their meetings and asked them help her with a very special mission. This year, the school's Mission Statement will be reviewed with support from Father Peter. Mrs Towey asked School Council to create a launch video use on the whole school mission day. Please use the link below to see how School Council contributed to this very special change for our school.

St Augustine's Catholic Primary School - Mission Statement (st-augustines-warrington.co.uk)


School Council 2019-2020


At our first school council meeting in the Autumn Term, our Year 5 councillors were passionate about reminding everyone about the importance of good personal hygiene. To address these concerns, School Council presented to the whole school in a Learning Powers assembly how to effectively wash our hands and explained how easily germs can spread if we don't thoroughly wash our hands. The children also designed posters to display around school to remind everyone to keep their hands clean.


Feelings boxes

In response to PSHE questionnaires, School Council decided that they would like to create 'feelings boxes' to encourage children to express their feelings in a safe and discrete way. School Council were keen to take responsibility for checking the box for any notes.


School Council Meeting 3rd February 2020

by Hallie, Year 5

School council met on 3rd February to diccuss about ways to make the school better. We discused about making worry boxes so when people are worried they can put it in the box. We also discused about manners around the school, making the school a nicer place and making people feel happier.

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