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British Values in St Augustines

Through our provision of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning (SMSC) schools have a duty to actively promote the fundamental British Values of:

- Democracy

- The rule of law

- Individual liberty

- Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Throughout the year we have found many ways to celebrate British Values and promote the above values through our work, through specially planned activities and celebratory days, and with visitors to our school! Please have a look at what we have been up to in our photographs below.


Junior PCSO's

Congratulations to our 2 new Junior Safety Officers, Charlie and Nanayaa, who attended a special event at Orford Jubilee Hub, where they were officially recruited as JSO.

Charlie and Nanayaa will be meeting with various agencies over the next few months to look at safety around our school and our homes. We will keep you updated with their work. Good luck in your role!!!


A big thank you to our outgoing Junior Safety Officer's (2016 - 2017), Mia and Antoni who have done a brilliant job of fulfilling their roles!!


British Values Trailers 2017

This week here at St Augustine's we have been focussing on the value of 'mutual respect.'  We have been learning about what this means to us personally and how we can show this to others.

Each class produced a trailer to to show their learning this week.  Have a look at each one and think about what you can do in your life to show mutual respect to others.

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