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Home Learning for 6.7.20-10.7.20

Hello Year 4,

I have uploaded your home learning tasks below, please Tweet a picture or a short video clip of your learning to @StAugustinesCPS and use #Y4homelearning, or email your work to me through your school email account. I can't wait to see your achievements! Any questions from you or your parents, please get in touch with me via email and I shall get back to you as soon as I can.

Mrs Scotson

I just thought I would share some of the amazing work you have completed this week. Well done to everybody for all work completed; You should all be very proud of yourselves for working so hard!



Mrs Molden sent me the link to the book 'Everybody Worries' earlier this week, it is aimed at younger children but I'm an adult and I love it! If you are worried about anything, big or small, it can only fade away if you share it with someone else. You can talk to the lovely family you live with, or send me a message and I will always reply as soon as I get a minute! Feel free to share anything on your mind, or maybe you just want to talk to someone outside of your four walls! Even if it's only through a laptop, I am still here for you all :-) 




If you follow the link above it will take you to the first of 5 lessons on character descriptions (now you have mastered setting descriptions!). It does begin with a reading comprehension which leads to an analysis of the text and finally a writing lesson. I understand a few parents have been confused by this, but 'reading into writing' is a method we adopt as a whole school in class, which is why I have chosen these lessons for the children as it is a familiar process for them. Please send me your final piece of writing, I'm looking forward to reading them! 


Our new focus is properties of shape. Below there are six pieces of work along with the matching answer sheets. 5 should be completed this week, one a day, and the last one can be carried over to next week if you don't get the time to squeeze it in!


This week we look at 'Mary, Mother of the Church'. The teaching presentation and task is detailed in the one document below. Please do send me your RE work, as I'm the RE Coordinator, it always brings me joy!


Please complete the comprehension task below, the answers are included. This document contains the reading material, questions and answers, but please only read the pages of the text matching the stars level you are working on!


I have assigned your new spelling patterns for each of you on the Spelling Shed Website and will be checking on your progress! Below is the work we would normally complete in class to practice the given pattern.



You have 2 weeks left to complete your History project! I can't wait to see them.

If you click the link above it will take you to a wealth of knowledge about the Romans. Over the next few weeks, I would like you to create a factfile about the Romans following any line of enquiry you choose. (Examples are on the website linked above) For example, your leaflet may include 'Why did the Romans invade Britain?...Why did they leave?...What did the Romans give us?' 

I would choose 4 questions to answer and build up your work one section at a time (i.e. answer one question per week) in as much detail as you can, drawing from any books or websites you can access, not just the one above! You don't need to send me a photo of your work until it is completed, but keep on top of this project by doing one section every week!


Below is a lesson presentation about Evaporation. You will need to read and reflect on before you complete the set work. The presentation suggests you set up your own investigation. If you don't have a thermometer you could comapre two wet towels in places of different temperature e.g. outside (if it's dry), in a warm room or a cold room. There is a sheet to plan your investigation and one which will help you to draw your conclusions together.

Art & DT

panther chamaeleon

Week 5 brings our final Rory McCann art tutorial!  Click the link above to access the tutorial.



Continuing on from National 'Sports Week at Home 2020'... If you click on the link 



Miss Gregory has created a section called 'make my own fitness week' so you can create your own PE challenges for the week by choosing your faviourite activities (there are about 50 to choose from plus video links so we will continue this next week too! Please send any photos or videos you can to my email so that I can forward them to Miss Gregory (our PE Coordinator) Enjoy!

What's in store for Year 4?

Below is a plan of what Year 4 will study throughout the year, an updated Timetable so you can see what we are busy studying throughout each day, and this term's Termly Letter.

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