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Welcome to Nursery where learning is fun!

Nursery is often your child's first venture into the world outside their family home.  Their Nursery experience creates the foundations for the future.  We are very privileged to be part of your child's journey at this very exciting time. Therefore it is essential that we strive to provide experiences of the highest care and quality .  

Monday 21st September 2020

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all safe and well at home.  Just one more week of home learning and then we can all be together again, having fun in Nursery.  Thank you very much to those of you who have kept in touch via email-smolden@st-augustines-warrington.co.uk, it really is great to see what you have been doing.  Also, if there is anything I could help to sign post you to please do ask.

This week we are going to be learning all about THE FARM.  If you have facebook there are some fun videos to watch all about the farm, just search upbeat families.

Please click on the pictures below to see todays actvities 

  • How many farm animals can you name?
  • Can you make the same sound as the farm animal?
  • Do you know what their babies are called? 
The noisy farmfarm-animals120 September, 2020 - Loom Recording.mp4

22nd September

Join in the Old MacDonald song, can you make the sound for each animal.  Can you guess teh animal if another person creates the sound?  Have fun creating loud and quiet, long and short sounds.  Can you find anything in your home that can create a similar sound.

Our story today is Wake-up Time on the Farm

Our Number video is all about colours 

old mcdonald21 September, 2020 - Loom Recording (1).mp421 September, 2020 - Loom Recording.mp4

Home Learning 14th September


We are very sorry that unfortunately Nursery will be closed for the next 2 weeks.  However we can still stay in touch and work together. 

You can always contact me via email- smolden@st-augustines-warrington.co.uk

Please try some of the fun learning ideas I have uploaded and I will be in touch during the week. 

Speaking ans Listening- 1

Copy of 15 September, 2020 - Loom Recording (1).mp4listening

Speaking and Listening 2

15 September, 2020 - Loom Recording (3).mp4listen 2

Speaking and Listening 3


Speaking and Listening 4

Today you could also open your window or stand in your garden and LISTEN!

What can you hear?  Do you have a favourite sound?

Can you make any sounds with some of the objects in your house?

A LOUD or a quiet sound?

Click on the photo below for the listening game.

listening ears

Maths- 1

15 September, 2020 - Loom Recording (1).mp4

Maths 2

15 September, 2020 - Loom Recording (4).mp4

Maths 3

17 September, 2020 - Loom Recording (1).mp4

Maths 4

17 September, 2020 - Loom Recording (2).mp4

Story Time 1

15 September, 2020 - Loom Recording (5).mp4

Story Time 2

17 September, 2020 - Loom Recording.mp4monkey puzzle

Story Time 3

I hope you enjoy listening to the story 'Dinosaur Roar'  Click on the picture below.

Can you move like a dinoaur?  Can you roar like a dinoaur?

Can you find some BIG objects in your house?

Can you fins some small objects in your house?


Our Early Years Foundation Stage Team

As we work in partership your child will be nurtured by our experienced EYFS team

Mrs Molden - Nursery Teacher & EYFS Lead Teacher 

Miss Gregory - Reception Teacher

Mrs Birks - Teaching Assistant

Miss Dutton - Teaching Assistant

Things to Remember

PE Kits can be kept in school.  PE will be on a Thursday.

Book Bags should be brought into Nursery on a Friday when children can change their books.  We encourage you keep the same book for a week to enable your child to become familar with the book they have chosen and begin to retell it themselves.

Our Outdoor Learning environment is used every day in all weather.  Please send your child with a warm coat and appropriate foot wear. 

Snack is provided in Nursery for a cost of £1.50 per week.  Please pay this to the nursery team. 

Lunch children can bring a packed lunch or pay for a school dinner.  

Goody Bear might come to stay with you for the week end.  If he comes to your house please encourage your child to look after him and add to his diary.



Parents as Partners

As parents and carers you are the primary educators for your children it is therefore essential that we work in  partnership to support your children on their learning journey.  Together we can help your child to become a happy and successful learner!  We are always ready to listen so please speak to a member of our team if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Enjoying books and stories with your child
  • Regularly talking to your child about what you can see, hear, smell etc
  • Encouraging your child to make marks for different purposes, for example a birthday card, a shopping list or simply exploration.
  • Provide opportunities for counting and look out for numbers in the environment
  • Encouraging independence when eating, getting dressed or undressed, especially putting their coat on and fastening it. 

Please look out for the dates of our regular 'stay and play' mornings 

The following are useful websites to use at home:

phonics play(6)hungry little mindsnumber blocks(2)
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