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What we are learning this half term

This half term we will be looking at Mini- Beasts. 

We will be focusing on The Hungry Caterpillar, Christopher's Caterpillars and Things with wings. We will be retelling the stories, creating our captions and labels, writing lists and how instructions how to look after caterpillars.  Please check our termly letter to see what else we will be learning about this half term.


Please look down our website to see what great learning we have done so far this year.


 We will be trying hard to recognise graphemes and the sound they make. We will then use these to help us read words by blending the sounds together and spell words by segmenting words out loud.  There is a short video below you can watch with your child, showing the letter names and the different sounds the graphemes make. 

Some children will still be working on phase 2 Phonics. Some children are on Phase 3 phonics. Please look out for any words sent home with your child. Please practise reading these words at home. 

Remember to keep on using Reading Eggs at home as this will help your child with their reading. 

phase 2 phonics set 1.mp4tw

 We will also be focusing on ‘tricky words’ these are words that can not be sounded out, rather they need to be learnt from sight.

This term we will be looking at the words: I, the, no to, go, into.

Phase 3 words: he, she, we, be, was, you, are, they, all

Please click on the video link to watch the tricky word song.

The Naughty Bus Autumn 1

We loved the story of the Naughty Bus we even made our own story maps and tried to retell the story to our friends. We used small world things to act out and retell parts of the story. We had great fun exploring all the different things the bus got up. Look at our amazing story maps and retelling below.



Literacy Autumn

We will be focusing on looking at books and turning the pages one at at time. We will be working on tracking the text and reading from left to right, top to bottom. As we move through our phonics, we will begin to identify initial sounds in words and begin segmenting and blending words.  We will be able to create labels and a basic captions. 

Literacy Spring 1 Three Billy Goats Gruff

This half term has been a very different half term as we have been learning from home. However, we have been working very hard on our reading and writing. We created our own story maps for the story,  we created letters to the troll, we though about the different characters and what they might be saying. We read words and sentences and matched them to the correct pictures. 

Spring 1 Jack and the Beanstalk

This half term we will be learning all about  growth and Jack and the beanstalk.  We will be looking at retelling the story and writing our own retell. We will be growing a range of plants and looking at the best ways to grow a plant.  We will be writing our own instructions. 


We have been working really hard with our phonics work and have been applying this in our writing. We have been learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar. We have retold the Hungry Caterpillar and Christopher's Caterpillars and then innovated them to make our own stories. 

We will be learning all about farm animals and will be focusing on the story ' The mole who knew it was none of his business'.

Maths Autumn

We will be looking at counting to 10 forwards and backwards from any given number. We will also be exploring and representing numbers to 5 in lots of different ways. We will be hunting for numbers in the environment.  We will be looking at 2d shapes and printing with these. When you are out and about, see if your child can find any numbers or shapes in the environment. Please click on the picture for a great counting song. 

We have been looking at numbers 1 and 2 and looking at representing them and finding them in the environment. 

untitled 1IMG_9243[1]IMG_9373[1]

Maths Spring

We are now working on counting to 20 forwards and backwards. We are working on numbers 1-10 and have been looking at making these numbers in lots of different ways. We have been exploring the numbers and matching quantity to numeral. We have been ordering numbers to 10. We have also looked at one more and one less than these numbers. We have used money in our ice-cream shop and have starting to add two groups together. We will continue looking at numbers to 10 and beyond and will be looking into addition and subtraction more this term.

Maths Summer

We will be looking at ordering numbers to 20 and recalling one more and one less. We have worked on addition and will be consolidating our subtraction and then will be looking at doubling and sharing. We will also be using money to pay for things in our pizza shop. 

Physical Development (PD)

We will be exploring big gross movements to help our muscles grow big and strong. This will include big circles forwards and backwards, lines up and down, running, jumping,   crawling, hopping, climbing and stretching. We will also be doing lots of exercises to help strengthen the muscles in our hands and arms before we learn to write.

Understanding the World (UTW)

 We will be learning all about farm animals and looking at the name of animals and their young. We will then be looking at animals that live in the sea and finding out more information about them. 

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

We will  be planning our own designs to create under water pictures. We will be looking at how we can improve our own work. 

How you can help at home

-  Read with your child daily asking them questions about the story (more information will come from Reception Reading Meeting  Autumn 2020)

- Click on the pictures for more great learning websites. 

Happy learning :)

If you have any futher questions, please just ask! 

Miss Gregory

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