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Learning indoors and in our outdoor learning environment is always FUN!

Key Information

Phonics- Little Wandle Letters & Sounds Revised

 Autumn 1 

Phase 2 Graphemes

 a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f l

Tricky Words 

is, I, the 

Autumn 2 

ff ll ss j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng nk

• words with –s /s/ added at the end (hats sits)

• words ending in s /z/ (his) and with –s /z/ added at the end (bags, sings)

Spring 1

Tricky Words 

 as, and, has, his, her, go, no, to, into, she, he, of, we, me, be

Click on the link below to explore

The Little Wandle Parents Page

watch the videos to say the pure sounds and find the pictures to help your child to remember how to write them



Literacy Autumn

We will continue our book skills this term and will be focusing on books all about ourselves and people who help us.  We will be encouraged to talk about ourselves and our families in full sentences.  As we move through our phonics, we will begin to identify initial sounds in words and begin segmenting and blending words.  We will be able to create labels and a basic captions. 

Physical Development (PD)

We will be exploring big gross movements to help our muscles grow big and strong. This will include big circles forwards and backwards, lines up and down, running, jumping,   crawling, hopping, climbing and stretching. We will also be doing lots of exercises to help strengthen the muscles in our hands and arms before we learn to write.

Maths Autumn

We will be looking at counting to 10 forwards and backwards from any given number. We will also be exploring and representing numbers to 5 in lots of different ways. We will be hunting for numbers in the environment.  We will be looking at 2D shapes and printing with these. When you are out and about, see if your child can find any numbers or shapes in the environment. Please click on the picture for a great counting song. 

We have been looking at numbers 1 and 2 and looking at representing them and finding them in the environment. 

untitled 1

How you can help at home

-  Read with your child daily asking them questions about the story.  Look on the Little Wandle parents page. 

-Look on Tapestry and find the activities to support the phonic learning for that week.

-Use Reading eggs and Bug Club to support Reading and Phonics.

Click on the pictures for more great learning websites. 

Happy learning :)

If you have any futher questions, please just ask! 

Mrs Molden

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