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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When are the school holidays? 

    Please click on the ‘Parents Information’ link and then the ‘Holiday Dates’ on the left had side of this web page.

  • When clubs are on and what time do they finish? 

    Please click on the ‘Parents Information’ link and then the ‘After School Clubs’ to see what day your child’s club is on this term.  Most clubs finish at 4.00pm (unless otherwise stated on the letter).

  • Can my child take time off during term time? 

    If you would like to request time off for your child during term time there is a form you need to ask for and fill in to receive permission for this from the Headteacher.  Please be aware that any holidays taken during term time will not be authorised by the school and days off will be recorded as an 'unauthorised absence.'

  • How much do school dinners cost?  

    They are charged at £2.20 per day.

  • When is snack ordered and what can be purchased? 

    Snack should be ordered on a Monday at the school office.  Snacks include: toast (25p per day), milk (18p per day), crumpet (25p per day), and fruit (30p per day).

  • How much are school bags? 

    £5.00 for book bags and £4.85 for PE bags.  These can both be purchased from the school office.

  • How much are water bottles? 

    These are £1.25 and can be purchased from the school office.

  • What are the uniform prices? 

    Please open the document below to view the price list for school uniform.  The contact details for Cactus are also on the document.

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