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Mr Bentley & Mrs Rees

In Year 5 we exercise our Learning Powers each and everyday to become the very best versions of ourselves we can be.  We work hard, knowing when it is possible to develop our independence and when we need to ask for help.  We also follow in the footsteps of Jesus by supporting one another along our school journey together.  On this class page, we will demonstate our work in action throughout the year and look forward to sharing with you what we achieve in school everyday.

Year 5 LTP outlines what we will cover this year in each subject

  • What homework do Y5 complete?

    Homework will reinforce the key skills of reading, spelling and maths fluency. The children will be given homework every Monday and it is to be returned to school by the Friday of the same week.

    Each week the children will be expected to complete:

    • a spelling shed activity
    • home reading comprehension
    • TTRS fluency practice
    • maths arithmetic
    • home reading
  • What can I do to help?
    • Please support you children with their homework and listen to them read as often as possible. 
    • All children have access to the secure school website, which is free for them to use and is packed full of educational games and activities for them to work through. 
    • They are able to access the school BugClub (via the website ActiveLearn) which is a library of eBooks for them to read and complete related questions.  This will supplement everything they learn in school and can be accessed on any platform.
    • They also have access to Times Table Rockstars which is an online platform aimed at improving their speed and accuracy in recall of times table facts.
    • Finally, the children have access to Spelling Shed which is a great online platform to encourage them to practise their weekly spellings through a range of games and activities.

Head Explosions

As a starter task for our new school year, I tasked Y5 to show me inside their heads!  The challenge was to represent themselves and their interests in artistic form.  The results are varied and extremely colourful.

RE - Creation

This half term Year 5's RE topic is Creation. We have been learning to ask, engage and respond to questions about creation, as well as engaging and responding to the story of The Fall. We have shown understanding that God calls us to care for creation and have identified and explained what our responsibilities are – we are stewards of creation. We are able to demonstrate how our Christian values help us to be co-creators in God’s wonderful world and we can identify and explain who some of God’s great helpers are and reflect on what we can learn from them.

Science - Earth and Space

In this unit we will be looking at our solar system and the planets in it. We will learn about the shape of the Earth and moon, as well as their movement. We will be able to describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. We will show understanding of the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth and be able to describe the Sun, Earth and Moon as approximately spherical bodies. We will also use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky.

Kops 'n' Kids day September 2021

Year 5 had a fantastic morning with @cheshirepolice and #kopsandkids. We enjoyed some fun sport activities and going in the police van. We are looking forward to attending the sports camp during half term #warringtonpolice #staugustinespshe #staugustinesPE #staugustinesvisitors

Sutton-Hoo Investigation

What can artefacts teach us about the past?  As part of our unit into the Anglo-Saxons, Y5 have looked into the 'mounds' at Sutton-Hoo and were surprised at what was found there!  They collated their findings working in small groups and then presented their work to the rest of the class.  Fantastic historical knowledge and a great life skill developed.

Christian Conversion of the Anglo-Saxons

Y5 used freeze frames to detail the exploits of three Christian monks who between them managed to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.  They then produced an eBook to collate their findings as a class. 


GarageBand DJs

In music, the children have been challenged to use IT to create an original song using samples from GarageBand.  They had to include a verse, chorus and a final verse section.  Have a listen and see who the next superstar DJ could be!

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