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Mr Bentley, Mrs Secker & Mrs Rees

In Year 5 we exercise our Learning Powers each and everyday to become the very best versions of ourselves we can be.  We work hard, knowing when it is possible to develop our independence and when we need to ask for help.  We also follow in the footsteps of Jesus by supporting one another along our school journey together.  On this class page, we will demonstate our work in action throughout the year and look forward to sharing with you what we achieve in school everyday.

Year 5 LTP outlines what we will cover this year in each subject

  • What homework do Y5 complete?

    Homework will reinforce the key skills of reading, spelling and maths fluency. The children will be given homework every Friday and it is to be returned to school for marking the following Friday.

    Each week the children will be expected to complete:

    • a spelling shed activity (HIVE test on a Friday)
    • home reading comprehension
    • TTRS fluency practice
    • maths arithmetic
    • home reading (x3 times weekly minimum)

    Please support your child with their homework and offer guidance wherever possible.  Your child can always ask for support in school throughout the week.

  • What can I do to help?
    • Please support you children with their homework and listen to them read as often as possible. 
    • All children have access to the secure school website, which is free for them to use and is packed full of educational games and activities for them to work through. 
    • They are able to access the school BugClub (via the website ActiveLearn), which is a library of eBooks for them to read and complete related questions.  This will supplement everything they learn in school and can be accessed on any platform.
    • They also have access to Times Table Rockstars which is an online platform aimed at improving their speed and accuracy in recall of times table facts.
    • Finally, the children have access to Spelling Shed which is a great online platform to encourage them to practise their weekly spellings through a range of games and activities.
  • What can I do if I am stuck on my homework?

    Sometimes homework can be difficult - and it is meant to be!  Sometimes!  What we need is the resilience to try to work through challenges to find the answers to questions.  Here I will post links to useful websites to help with various aspects of  homework throughout the year.

    This first link is for Maths, as this is an area that we all need reminding about from time to time.  Particularly when it comes to which strategy to use.  Follow this link to the BBC Bitesize Maths area and find the topic and area of Maths you need help and support with.  The information and videos are always helpful!

Moon Fact Files

As part of our learning in Science, Y5 have been investigating the Sun, Earth and Moon in space.  Below are a selection of examples of collaborative work looking specifically at the moon. #CollaboratingConnie

Sutton Hoo Artefact Investigation

As part of our work in History, Y5 have been investigating the Anglo-Saxons.  Sutton Hoo is a fantastic archaeological discovery which uncovered a whole range of interesting finds. The children were tasked to try to work out what their artefact was and then create and present a presentation that explained this to the rest of the class.  Some very interesting suggestions were made!

DT - Viking long ships

How do we hear sound?

Year 5 have been learning about how humans hear sounds.  They put together the following video to explain all of their learning.


Wat Happened in 1066?

Y5 have been learning about the struggle for control of Britain by the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings once the Romans left in 410AD.  Then an event occured in 1066 to change the course of History in Britain again.  It all began when Edward the Confessoer died...

The Norman Conquest of 1066.MOV
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