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Welcome back Year 6!

Hello to everyone in Year 6! 

Mrs O'Hara, Mrs Vernon and Mrs Higham are all extremely pleased to welcome you back to school after our long time away.

This page will develop as the weeks go by and you will find all of the information that you need for your time in Year 6. For now, please see below for information about your homework and PE sessions...


Homework this year will consist of spelling (paper copies will be sent home every Friday and the children are being encouraged to log into Spelling Shed to join the weekly spelling leagues), times tables practise via Times Tables Rockstars and a paper copy of a reading comprehension activity. 

Just as last year, reading remains high priority for our class and it is important that you make time to read as often as you can. You will receive a reading diary, where you can keep track of your books and record any vocabularly that you would like to further investigate as part of our vocabularly lessons in class.


PE days in Year 6 this year are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure that you have your PE kit in school ready for these 2 PE sessions as physical education is impotant for helping us to maintain a healthy body and mind.

We are all looking forward to seeing you on Monday for our first full week back in school!smiley

Year 6 - Mr O'Hara, Mrs Vernon & Mrs Higham

Welcome to our class page. We are developing into a class of motivated and determined young people who are building upon all the fantastic skills we have already gained throughout our years here at St Augustine's Catholic Primary School.  We are ready for the challenges of Year 6 and look forward to showing what we have been learning on this webpage. 

In Year 6 we aim to develop greater independence in preparation for our transition to secondary school.  We are encouraged to take on extra responsibilities around the school and to model high expectations of behaviour and learning for our younger peers to follow in our footsteps.  With Christ as our guide, we will achieve everything we set out to!

Keep track on what we are learning about this year...

Our long term plans outline what we will be covering throughout the year. The curriculum letter outlines more about each subject for the term in detail.  

  • What day is homework given out and when is it due back in to school?

    Homework in Y6 is given out on a Friday. You will receive a reading comprehension, your weekly spellings and times table challenges will be set interactiviely for you. The reading comprehension will be further explored in class the following Monday with Mrs O'Hara. Please identify any vocabulary that you would like to further explore in class.

  • What else can I do for my child at home?

    Each child in Y6 has access to and login details for a range of subscription websites:

    • TTRS: practice times table recall
    • Spelling Shed: learn new spellings for a weekly test
    • BugClub: online eReading books
    • This website!: lots of games to play to practice all core subject areas
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