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Y6 Home Learninig

Please find your home learning for the week beginning 30th March 2020 below.  Where possible, try to follow the timetable to keep some structure to your day, although I am fully aware that this may not be possible.  Record anything you work on in your Home Learning book - there is no need to print anything.  Other tasks may only need to be completed online.

Please note: this week JOE WICKS is hosting live PE leasson every morning at 9am.  See the PE section below and follow the link to get moving!

Home-School Links PPT


Maths this week is all about calculating scale factors.  Please follow this link where you will find a lesson for each day of the week.  There is a video to show you what to do and then a task to complete.  

Well done to DB2 who smashed this weeks Battle - or should I say well done to Angelina, Reece and Tatiana as the only children who took part!  You can have 5 virtual raffle tickets each!

I have set up a new Battle DB1 v DB2 in TTRS for this week - come on DB1 can you give DB2 a run for their money?!  Please log on each day for around 5 minutes and practice your times table fluency.


 This week I would like you to try writing your own balanced argument.  We have just completed one of these texts in school (ironically about home schooling!) and your next task was going to be to write your own version based on a topic that interests you.  This could be about anything; although you can choose from one of these examples if you wish (e.g. Should children wear uniforms in school?  Should animals be kept confined in Zoos?  Should fast food outlets be banned?).

First, open up the planning sheet and gather your ideas together.  When you feel ready, write your first draft.  Open up and use the sentence starters sheet to help you begin each sentence and keep your writing flowing.  Keep reading over your work to check it makes sense and remember to write in paragraphs.  Edit your work when you finish and, if you are able, consider completing a final draft that could be typed or written on a tablet.  This can be in any form using any app you wish (KeyNote, Pages, ,PPT, Book Creator, Pic Collage...etc).

BLOG - You also have an individual blog on your website page that you can update as often as you like.  Why not try blogging about what you have been up to at least twice a week to keep your writing purposeful and letting us know what you have been up to at home.


First of all, follow this link to access the answers for least weeks work.  What did you answer correctly and what can you learn from to apply to this weeks learning? https://tirueiv.exampro.net/

Your guided reading this week is another series of comprehensions.  Please follow this link https://mupotif.exampro.net/.  It will open a set of texts to read and related questions - just like last week.  You only need to write the answers in your home learning book.  Only complete one text/question set each day.  I will continue to post the answers for the previous week for you to check your work continually.

For the other days, log onto BugClub using you login in your home learning pack and read the texts allocated to you.  You could add a book review to your home learning book once you complete them or email a classmate with your thoughts.  I will continue to add a new fiction and a new non-fiction text each week.  All previous books will also be avaliable for you to re-read in your own personal library.


Spellings this week will focus on words with unstressed vowel sounds.  Log on to Spelling Shed to complete your daily tasks.  You need to complete 3 games (or achieve Royal Bee) before moving on.

You should also complete the following presentation about possessive apostrophes. Open the document and read through each page.  Some of this is just for information and learning.  When you are asked to try something for yourself, record this in your home learning book using simple question numbers for each one.


This week every morning at 9am, Joe Wicks is hosting live PE workouts for children on his YouTube channel.  Please follow this link and get eneregised to kick start your day and keep healthy during this period of home schooling.

There is also this website https://family.gonoodle.com/ which has lots of dance themed tasks and exercises for you to copy.  They are presented in a fun and engaging way, so choose the one which appeals to you the most, whack it on a tablet or your TV and join in!


This week I would like you to investigate a South American country of your choice.  We have looked into Peru in some detail via our Google Earth Instructions Project so I have compiled a list of facts about the country into relevant sections.  Your task, is to follow the example layout and investigate a country of your choosing.  Aim to complete a full page in your home learning book - you don't have to include all of the sections, just those that interest you the most.  Although you may do more if you wish.  Happy investigating!


Continuing with the theme of famous artists, your challenge this week is to draw your own self-portrait Picasso style!  Watch the following clip on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRT71Hx3v-k (you can skip to 3.05mins if you're ready to get creative) and then draw straight into your home learning book.  If you have blank paper and would prefer to draw on this then feel free.

Once comlpete, make it come alive with colour and tweet a photo on our school twitter feed - there will be a prize for the most creative and original artwork posted!


Computing for the coming weeks is going to focus on 'Quiz Making.'  All of the tasks will be posted to your 'Things To Do' area when you login to our school learning platform (secure section of our school website).  Watch the online guidance video and then complete each task by following the instructions.


This week the information is from the point of view of a Roman Soldier.  Read all about his version of events and then answer the questions.  The writing is small, although you can pinch and zoom on a tablet to look for the detail.  Record the answers in your home learning book - you only need to write the answers although you should still write in full sentences, perhaps using phrases from each question to help you do this.

Roman Soldier

Below is the Angelus Prayer that we say each day in school.  Please find time to say this prayer each day, either on your own or with members of your familiy.  


This week is an online game for you to work through.  It's called 'Earth Squad, Go!' and you're going to really enjoy this one.  Play as Lava, Geo, River or Sky, join the Earth Squad and explore our planet’s habitats.  Work your way from Rookie to Pro on each of the game’s habitats: the vibrant rainforest, the busy city and the wild savannah.  

You'll need to use your knowledge of the living world as you collect data and master your knowledge on plants, animals and the human body.  Unlock challenge badges, catch vine and swing ropes, boost your star score and earn your Earth Squad Pro outfit with this platform game. 

This one should keep you going and coming back to!

Additional Weblinks

Just in case you wanted even more work to do, below is a list of useful websites for you to browse and explore.  There is a wide range for you to look through so investigate each one over the coming weeks and focus on the areas of learning that interest you the most.  Please also remember that you have access to our school Learning Library, TTRS, Spelling Shed and BugClub.  You have more than enough to do!

Home-School Links PPT v2

Year 6 - Mr Bentley & Mrs Higham

Welcome to our class page. We are developing into a class of motivated and determined young people who are building upon all the fantastic skills we have already gained throughout our years here at St Augustine's Catholic Primary School.  We are ready for the challenges of Year 6 and look forward to showing what we have been learning on this webpage. 

In Year 6 we aim to develop greater independence in preparation for our transition to secondary school.  We are encouraged to take on extra responsibilities around the school and to model high expectations of behaviour and learning for our younger peers to follow in our footsteps.  With Christ as our guide, we will achieve everything we set out to!

Keep track on what we are learning about this year...

Our long term plans outline what we will be covering throughout the year. The curriculum letter outlines more about each subject for the term in detail.  

  • What day is homework given out and when is it due back in to school?

    Homework in Y6 is given out on a Monday and should be completed and returned to school no later than the following Monday.  This will be class marked.  If you complete your homework early then place your book in the homework box for safekeeping.

  • What else can I do for my child at home?

    Each child in Y6 has access to and login details for a range of subscription websites:

    • TTRS: practice times table recall
    • Spelling Shed: learn new spellings for a weekly test
    • BugClub: online eReading books
    • This website!: lots of games to play to practice all core subject areas

Safety Central Visit 2019

'Helping you and those you care for stay safe, keep healthy and be happy. That’s our objective at Safety Central, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s interactive lifeskills education centre at Lymm near Warrington.

Our stunning £4.5m indoor village - with its four themed zones - provides a truly immersive learning environment, where people of all ages can develop the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe and well at home, on the road in and in our community. We share an impressive circular building with Lymm Fire Station, so visitors also get the chance to see firefighters in action, undertaking their specialist training.'

Year 5 and 6 recently visited and took part in a whole host of exciting activities and scenarios.  Follow this link to see them in action!


H&M Blog

Embedded Blog
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Music - Happy

This half-tem in music we have focused on the song 'Happy' by Pharell Williams.  We have learned how to sing it and how to accompany with musicical instruments: glockenspiels and body percussion.  What have we done well and what could we improve on?

Y6 Happy by Pharell.MOV
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