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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - 10th-16th May 2021



‘There is something to be wondered at in all of Nature’ - Aristotle

The theme for mental health awareness week this year is 'Nature'. The theme has been inspired by the pandemic and research which shows that many of us have take local walks and enjoyed the green spaces in our local communities. The research also highlights that many of us have re-connected with nature and these connections have helped our emotional health.

At St Augustines this week, we will look at nature’s unique ability to not only bring comfort in times of worry and upset, but also increase our creativity, empathy and a sense of wonder. Through activities this week, our children will:

  • Experience nature: take time to recognise and grow their connections with nature. We will encourage them to take a moment to notice and celebrate nature in their daily life. We think that they might be surprised by what they notice!
  • Share nature: take photos and videos so that they can share the connections they’ve made during the week, to inspire others (please see St Augustine's Twitter and Facebook Page throughout the week).
  • Talk about nature: have opportunities to talk about their personal experiences of days out and favourite green spaces. Hopefully they will inspire each other and suggest new places that we can take a stroll or hunt for the beauty in nature!
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Eyes of the World


The Mental Health Awareness Week theme, supports work that we have been doing this half term inspired by Cafod. This year, we have the chance to tell our UK government and world leaders that we want them to look after the planet and all the people who live on it.

In November, there is a very important meeting taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. World leaders will come together, in our country, to talk about the climate, how it is changing and what should be done about it. This meeting is called COP26.

This means that 'The Eyes of the World' will be on the UK and it is important that we show the world how important nature and the environment are to us all.

At St Augustines, our school council are going to meet this week to look at how we can make changes to our daily lives in school to contribute to preserving the earth for everyone.

Kooth - Online Mental Health Services for young people and adults

Recently, our Year 6 pupils had a very informative session with Kooth, an online service for mental wellbeing for young people. Kooth is a very useful website which allows young people to be part of an online community which provides free, safe and anonymous support.

For more information, please visit the Kooth website Kooth - Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people | My Life Warrington


Happy, OK, Sad

Happy, Sad, Ok

Whether you’re feeling great and want to stay that way, you’re a bit fed up; or you’re struggling to manage your feelings, Happy OK Sad Warrington has links to information and tips ranging from how to boost your mood, to where to get help if you’re unable to cope.

Mental Health Week 2020 - Kindness

What does kindness mean to you?

Define kindness

Can you say what kindness means to you?

Add your definition to your dB blog for your teacher's to read!

Can you make a kindness cup?

Kindness cup

What will you fill your cup with? Kind deeds...kindness quotes...scripture?

Kindness Quotes

Can you create a kindness quote? Maybe, you could design a poster with your quote on? Don't forget to share your quote with your teacher.

Kindness towards yourself

Can you design kindness vouchers for yourself? Maybe you enjoy reading a book, perhaps you enjoy lilstening to music or sitting in the sunshine. Think about what makes you feel happy and treat yourself!

Kindness inspiration from scripture

Do you have a special piece of holy scripture that you like to read? Can you find examples of kindness in the bible stories that you know?

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