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Junior Safety Officers 2017-2018

We are pleased to introduce our two Junior Safety Officers for 2017 - 2018, Nanayaa and Charlie.

Nanayaa and Charlie have already met with PCSO's Tony Spruce and Steve Blake to produce a powerpoint presentation about safety around Halloween and Bonfire night. 

Nanayaa and Charlie have already deceided what topics they want to concentrate on and will be working hard to achieve the outcomes they are looking for.

Good luck in your work!

Junior PCSOs 2017(1)

Junior Safety Officers 2016-2017

We are pleased to announce that St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School now has 2 Junior Safety Officer’s (JSO), Antoni and Mia.

Antoni and Mia met with PCSO Tony Spruce from Cheshire Constabulary on Friday 14th October 2016 to produce a powerpoint presentation about safety around Halloween and Bonfirenight. They then presented this to the whole school during a special assembly. 

Tony will continue to work with the children at regular intervals, helping them to understand the modern British value of the rule of law.


Notice Board

Please take time to call into the school reception area to view the Junior Safety Officers Notice Board that Antoni and Mia regularly update.

Junior Safety Officers 2015 - 2016

The Junior Safety Officers for 2015 - 2016 are Cameron and Erin who are joined by our Junior PCSO's Oliver and Sian-Paisley. They will be working hard to make sure our school and local community are safe and well infored about all aspects of safety.



During February our JPCSO’s, with PCSO Tony Spruce and WBC’s Lesley Paterson, arranged a morning of activities related to parking, road safety, cycling and transport.

JPCSOs Erin Farrell, Cameron Kinsey, Sian-Paisley McDonald and Oliver Dillon were ready with specially designed parking tickets to issue to anyone parking illegally or irresponsibly while picking up or dropping off children.

Under the watchful eyes of Tony and Lesley they spoke to any drivers seen to be committing any offences and offered words of advice and encouraged the drivers to park elsewhere.

The scheme seemed to be a great success as only a handful of tickets needed to be issued.

Afterwards, the JPCSOs assisted at an assembly when a Bronze Modeshift Award, funded by the Department of Transport, was presented to the school by Warrington Wolves’ mascot Wolfie. St Augustine’s were the FIRST school in Warrington to achieve the award.

To complete a busy day, pupils then had a “bike right” session during which the children were taught how to safely ride their bikes and also had their bikes security marked.

Head teacher Andrea Towey said: “It was a fantastic morning and helped ease traffic issues at the school.

“It is always good to work in partnership with our PCSO’s and Warrington Borough Council to make our school a safe place to come to and go each day and we look forward to doing more work with the community to ease the problems.”

Notice Board

Please take time to call into the school reception area to view the Junior Safety Officers Notice Board that Cameron and Erin regularly update.


Road Safety

Have you seen our new Road Safety sign? Keeping pupils safe is an important part of school life and at the end of the last school year it was noticed that the matter of parking on the yellow zigzag lines that run parallel to the front of the school, needed to be addressed. So, Mrs Towey challenged pupils in every year group from reception all the way up to year 6 to get a little creative. After a lesson on road safety, the children were tasked with designing a poster to be displayed on the front fence of the school to enforce the message to parents and carers that they should not be parking directly in front of the school. The sign was designed by the pupils at St Augustine’s  and produced with the help of Direct365. Please take time to look at this important safety message.


Thank you...

A big thank you to PCSO Tony Spruce for joining our junior safety officers in delivering an important message to the whole school, around the subject of bonfire and firework safety, as well as what to wear on dark nights. BE SAFE, BE SEEN!

Tony has emailed school to say that Erin and Cameron were a credit to the school and that the manners and behaviour of all children around school were noted.

Please take time to call into the school recpetion area to see the junior safety officers notice board, it is updated regularly.

Modeshift Stars

Modeshift STARS is the national schools awards scheme that has been established to recognise schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.

The scheme encourages schools across the country to join in a major effort to increase levels of sustainable and active travel in order to improve the health and well-being of children and young people.

In April 2016, St Augustine's Catholic Primary School gained a Bronze Award for sustainable and active travel and are working hard to gain the Silver and Gold Awards. 


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