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13th July

There have been so many busy jobs and activities posted on the website over the last few months.  This week I thought you might like to revisit some of your favourite activities.


6th July


Hello everyone, I hope you had a good week.  I will hopefully catch up with you all at some point this week.  We only have 2 weeks of the Summer Term left now.  So  try your best to keep up all the hard work!

Click on the pirate above and join in with the song 'when I was 1'

When you know the song can you think of other words that rhyme with the numbers to create your own song......

I have attached some fun activities to try!

29th June

I hope you all had a good week and enjoyed the 'National Sports Week' if you have any photographs please forward them to me.  We would love to see them along them with any other learning you have been doing. 

Please have a look at last weeks activities if you didn't get chance to do them!

Click on the 'phonics play' image below to play the games.

usename: march20

password: home 

Choose phase 1 or 2 from the left hand side of the screen


phonics play(4)underwater counting

22nd June

I hope you are enjoying our story "Billy's Bucket"  This week we have  more activities related to the story.  Please click on the photograph of the story from last week to listen to it again. 

Click on the 'phonics play' image below to play the games.

usename: march20

password: home 

Choose phase 1 or 2 from the left hand side of the screen

This week is also 

'National Sports Week'

Click on the parachute photograph below to find a daily activity.


I am looking forward to seeing your learning this week

national sports weekphonics play(3)

15th June

The website below has some lovely ideas for everyday activities during lockdown 


This week our story is

'Billy's Bucket'

Please click on the photo below to listen to the story. 

Please listen to the story more than once and pause the story to ask your child questions about it?

Front Cover 

  • What might Billy be looking at?
  • What do you think will happen in the story?

The Story

  • I wonder why Billy might want a bucket for his birthday?
  • Would you like a bucket for your birthday?
  • Why do his parents keep asking to borrow Billy's Bucket

‚ÄčEncourage your child to join in with the lines that are repeated 

'You must never ever borrow my bucket'

  • What might you usually use a bucket for?
  • What do you think you might see in your bucket?
  • Why do you think Billy's mum and dad are laughing?
  • How do you think Billy fely when his bucket wasn't there?
  • What happened at the end of the story?
  • Did you like this story - why or why not?
Billys bucket

Click on the photo below

Use the song below 'down in the jungle' and when you are familar with it change the words to suit you 

Deep in the bucket where nobody goes 

There's a great big whale washing his clothes

With a rub a dub here and a rub a dub there...




down in the jungle

Click on the photo below to enjoy a dance lesson by Creative Steps 

Rhythm and Body Percussion 


'Let's make music with Lucy' 

Wednesday 12.30

Thursday 10am 

Click on the photo below to go to the link 


Don't forget to log into dB primary for more ideas..........

I hope you have a good week 

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