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Road Safety


Advice regarding parking near to our School.

(This section also relates to dropping off /collection of children as well as parking).

Please check out these short animation videos which are useful to remind everyone of the roadside dangers.

Slow-down - cars and kids don't mix.mp4Park-Away-cars and kids don't mix.mp4

It would reduce the risk to road users if the following could be observed.

Please do not park –

Within the zigzags at the School entrance (or even stop there).

On a pavement.

Across driveways.

If you could walk to School that would be even better.

The safety of the Children must remain paramount, they are all very young and will be excited as they go to or from School so may not be so aware of their surroundings as they usually are.

Parents can you please pass this message onto anyone who may pick your children up on your behalf.

We acknowledge that cars only stop for a short period of time to drop children off / collect them and we are aware that some people may have disabilities or reduced mobility and need to be close to the School.

We are keen to work with parents and others to try and resolve this recurring issue.

Let’s make everyone safe, and not sorry!!


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